Given to sudden swings of mood and emotion

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given to sudden swings of mood and emotion

Mood Swings Quotes (19 quotes)

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Why do teenagers have mood swings ? -Health NEWS

"Mood swings" is a common term used to describe rapid and intensely fluctuating emotions. People often describe mood swings as a “roller.

ADHD and Mood Swings: What You Need to Know

A mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in mood. Such mood swings can play a positive part in promoting problem solving and in producing flexible forward planning. Mood swings can happen any time at any place, varying from the microscopic to the wild oscillations of manic depression , [3] so that a continuum can be traced from normal struggles around self-esteem , through cyclothymia , up to a depressive disease. The duration of mood swings also varies. They may last a few hours - ultrarapid - or extend over days - ultradian : clinicians maintain that only when four continuous days of hypomania, or seven days of mania, occur, is a diagnosis of bipolar disorder justified.

For some, that can mean mood swings that leave their families, teachers, and friends wondering what caused such a quick change in attitude and behavior. As he sits down, he accidentally spills his drink. He instantly becomes angry and frustrated, and his mood totally changes. He spends the afternoon indoors, being grumpy and difficult. Or not. Learn why some kids with ADHD have frequent mood swings, and how you can help your child stay on a more even keel.

We explain rapid mood swings and how they may be a symptom of a If you have bipolar disorder, your emotions range from extremely happy.
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People may experience these changes in mood over the course of a day or even within a couple of hours. When you see them later in the day, their mood may have improved. In fact, they may not even recall why they were in a bad mood before. Maybe your colleague just isn't much of a morning person , but their mood naturally lifts as they wake up and they feel more prepared for the day ahead. If you notice your grouchy coworker has more spring in their step after they have breakfast and a cup of coffee, their bad morning mood may have been stemming from caffeine withdrawal or low blood sugar hypoglycemia. Everyone experiences mood swings from time to time, but if you seem to get them frequently or they are so intense that they disrupt your daily life including work and relationships , it may be a sign of an underlying condition that needs treatment. Other medical conditions particularly neurological conditions can also cause mood swings, including:.

These sudden and dramatic shifts in emotion may seem as if they come on for no reason. However, there are a few common causes that may be responsible. Premenstrual syndrome PMS is a group of symptoms that occur in women one to two weeks before a period. In addition to mood swings, PMS can cause fatigue, changes in appetite, depression, bloating, and more. The majority of women — 90 percent — experience some PMS-like symptoms before their periods.

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