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phineas and ferb mad libs

The Roman Empire and Its Germanic Peoples by Herwig Wolfram

The names of early Germanic warrior tribes and leaders resound in songs and legends; the real story of the part they played in reshaping the ancient world is no less gripping. Herwig Wolframs panoramic history spans the great migrations of the Germanic peoples and the rise and fall of their kingdoms between the third and eighth centuries, as they invaded, settled in, and ultimately transformed the Roman Empire.

As Germanic military kings and their fighting bands created kingdoms, and won political and military recognition from imperial governments through alternating confrontation and accommodation, the tribes lost their shared culture and social structure, and became sharply differentiated. They acquired their own regions and their own histories, which blended with the history of the empire. In Wolframs words, the Germanic peoples neither destroyed the Roman world nor restored it; instead, they made a home for themselves within it.

This story is far from the decline and fall interpretation that held sway until recent decades. Wolframs narrative, based on his sweeping grasp of documentary and archaeological evidence, brings new clarity to a poorly understood period of Western history.
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The Biggest Game EVER - Phineas and Ferb - Disney XD

In the first round, a videotape of a kid home viewer was shown. The kid recited a Mad Lib previously written by that home viewer. When it was done, the Mad Lib then became a game played in a 45 second time limit.
Herwig Wolfram

Mad Libs Catchphrase

Learn how to play this fun Mad Libs Drawing Game which is both silly and fun to do with friends. Find out how to play this art game below. Step 1 Find some Mad Libs to use. You can find some Mad Libs for Kids here. Step 3 Now each of you draw a picture from the Mad Libs you just filled out. You can either draw a picture that shows the entire Mad Libs or just pick a part of it to draw. Optional Step Give to a parent or another friend, not telling them which drawing belongs to which person and ask them to judge which is funnier.

The character first appeared in the pilot episode of Phineas and Ferb and appears in the majority of episodes. He is described as an incompetent and forgetful evil scientist intent on conquering the "entire tri-state area" by creating obscure but nefarious inventions although he is not technically a true villain and has a good side on some occasions. Doofenshmirtz speaks with a caricature of a German accent and is from the fictional European country Drusselstein. Doofenshmirtz appears in several merchandise pieces, including the book series [1] [2] [3] [4] and the video game. Doofenshmirtz is portrayed as a bumbling, dimwitted evil genius.

Fill out these questions to generate your own silly mad libs story instantly online! Hint: a Verb is an action. This is a silly online story that will be completed with your words. Please answer the questions below and click the generate button to read the story with your words included! My trip to Egypt was a lot different than I thought. Next we visited the Nile.





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  1. Phineas and Ferb Theme Song. Lib Intro: There's days of summer vacation And school comes along just to end it So the annual problem.

  2. A Catchphrase that's slightly different every time—the same phrase structure, but with one or two words different each time it's used, either completely at random or somehow related to the current situation.

  3. Phineas and ferb episodes. Lib Intro: Rollercoaster Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror Flop Starz The Fast And The Phineas Lights, Candace.

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