Interdependence of plants animals and human beings

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interdependence of plants animals and human beings

Interdependence Quotes (42 quotes)

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Published 16.12.2018

Interdependence of Plants and Animals class-5

Interdependence of Plants and Animals | Biology

Students tend to think of organisms as being only animals that interact with the physical environment and plants, without appreciating the complex interdependence between members of and across species. Their ideas of ecosystems are usually only associated with natural and wilderness areas rather than their own environments. This concept of an ecosystem also influences their ideas about how humans interact with ecosystems, which is often in terms of the destruction or collapse of natural and wilderness ecosystems rather than those systems that are part of their more immediate environments. The world contains a wide diversity of physical conditions, which creates a variety of environments where living things can be found. In all these environments, organisms interact and use available resources, such as food, space, light, heat, water, air, and shelter.

You might have heard that people say our planet Earth is the Blue Planet. When astronauts in space look down on Earth, the water that covers more than two thirds of the planet makes it look as if the planet is blue. Thousands of plants and animals can live on Earth because there is water. The many plants and animals that live on earth choose special places to live. The place where a plant or animal lives is called its habitat. There is a special word we use when talkinh about all the animals and plants and their different habitat.

shelter-plants are homes for variety of animals&provide material for building &furniture,clothing - human beings. Both animals &plants depend.
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We are aware of the fact that human-beings depend upon plants and animals for food and other requisites of life. Dung of animals, droppings of birds etc. This manure helps to increase fertility of the soil and fertile soil helps the plant to grow better. Growth of the plants depends upon the manure coming from the animals droppings. Human beings breathe in air containing oxygen. This oxygen is needful for our life. We breathe out carbon dioxide which mixes in the atmospheric air.

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