Ricky jay and his 52 assistants poster

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ricky jay and his 52 assistants poster

Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women by Ricky Jay

Ricky Jay is one of the worlds most accomplished showmen, a world-renowned magician and sleight-of-hand artist, particularly famed for his card-throwing stunts. (He is the author of Cards as Weapons.) In this affectionate and entertaining book, Jay presents a mind-boggling array of oddball performers, everything from calculating horses to armless artists. Jays style has a trace of the academic to it, but he wears his mantle of scholarship in a rakish manner. One can imagine a twinkle in Jays eye as he writes of these pioneers or refiners of peculiar performance, particularly in the chapter devoted to the 19th century Parisian performer, Le Petoman, who gave musical performances by, well, farting. Ah, to hear Au clair de la lune thus rendered!

I couldnt help but think, as I was reading Jays droll description of Le Petomans performances and the enthusiastic reception he received that, really, present-day moralists who humph! over the degradation of society and such things as South Park or pro wrestling need to take a chill pill.

And, yeah, my mom was right - each one of us does have a special talent, just waiting to be discovered.
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Ricky Jay - Amazing Card Trick/Manipulation

52 assistants, no curator

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The full version is preferred and you can find it on several streaming services. The playwright David Mamet and the theatre director Gregory Mosher affirm that some years ago, late one night in the bar of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago, this happened:. Ricky Jay, who is perhaps the most gifted sleight-of-hand artist alive, was performing magic with a deck of cards. After twenty minutes of disbelief-suspending manipulations, Jay spread the deck face up on the bar counter and asked Nogulich to concentrate on a specific card but not to reveal it. Jay then assembled the deck face down, shuffled, cut it into two piles, and asked Nogulich to point to one of the piles and name his card. Given the speedy scarcity of tickets every time he performed, he could have easily done larger halls, but he wanted to make sure everyone got a good view.

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