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tedd benson post and beam

Timberframe: The Art and Craft of the Post-And-Beam Home by Tedd Benson

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Published 17.12.2018

Tedd Benson - Keynote - Building a Greener Adirondacks EXPO

Certified LEED Platinum Building

Two decades ago, Tedd Benson helped kindle the dramatic rebirth of timer framing in this country. Today Benson and others are combining centuries-old timber-framing techniques with modern building materials to create houses that are as beautiful a Popular Science A delightful handbook. Building and Remodeling Instructions are so complete that if you have or can command basic carpentry skills, this could be your sole house-building source. Boston Globe If you've been in an old barn and marveled at the great beams and posts, then you know what a timber frame is Building the Timber Frame House

Custom Homes Timberframe Passive House. Passive House is the most uncompromising building energy standard in the world. The durability and comfort of a Bensonwood Passive House is now a modern standard for living. We build homes that matter on a grander scale, enhancing their communities and improving society. Homes that are gentle on the environment and a welcoming retreat for its occupants.

For more than 30 years, Tedd Benson has been building the finest homes in the united states. He spearheaded the timber frame revival of the 80s and 90s, publishing three books on the process of timber framing, as well as teaching dozens of classes on timber frame construction. After the turn of the century, Tedd turned his attention to making more energy-efficient homes. With his typical attention to detail, he and his associates at Bensonwood Homes designed new roof, wall, and floor systems that make homes easier to construct, maintain, and update over time. Tedd, Where did your posts from last year go?


Constructing a well-designed home is a near-religious experience for Benson, who helped revive the one-thousand- year-old craft of timber-frame construction—giant wooden posts and beams that are secured with joints, wooden pegs and braces. His timber-frame homes are energy-efficient works of art, with soaring open spaces framed by majestic wooden walls and beams. The beams are made of salvaged Southern yellow pine. Benson was enamored with carpentry and building when he moved to New England from Colorado as a young adult. Studying the timber-frame barns and Colonial homes he found across New England, he was interested in the methodology behind timber framing but also wanted to improve the quality of home construction. The simplicity and beauty of timber-frame construction became the foundation of his growing business, as he learned to combine his craft with contemporary building needs, such as high-performance insulation and modern mechanical systems.

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