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me and my mom games

Dont Bother Me Mom--Im Learning!: How Computer and Video Games are Preparing Your Kids for 21st Century Success - and How You Can Help! by Marc Prensky

The POSITIVE Guide for Parents Concerned About Their Kids Video and Computer Game PlayingMarc knows it all depends on how we use our games. He knows that if parents place good video games into a learning system in their homes they can reap major benefits for their children and themselves. They can accelerate their childrens language and cognitive growth. —James Paul Gee, Tashia Mogridge Professor of Reading, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marc Prensky presents the case—profoundly counter-cultural but true nevertheless—that video and computer game playing, within limits, is actually very beneficial to todays Digital Native kids, who are using them to prepare themselves for life in the 21st century. The reason kids are so attracted to these games, Prensky says, is that they are learning about important future things, from collaboration, to prudent risk taking, to strategy formulation and execution, to complex moral and ethical decisions. Prenskys arguments are backed up by university PhDs studying not just violence, but games in their totality, as well as studies of gamers who have become successful corporate workers, entrepreneurs, leaders, doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals.

Because most adults (including the critics) cant play the modern complex games themselves (and discount the opinions of the kids who do play them) they rely on secondhand sources of information, most of whom are sadly misinformed about both the putative harm and the true benefits of game-playing. This book is the antidote to those misinformed, bombastic sources, in the press and elsewhere. Full of common sense and practical information, it provides parents with a large number of techniques approaches they can use—both over time and right away—to improve both their understanding of games and their relationships with their kids.

What You Will Learn

The aim of this book is to give you a peek into the hidden world into which your kids disappear when they are playing games, and to help you as an adult—especially if you are a concerned parent or teacher—understand and appreciate just how much your kids are learning that is POSITIVE from their video and computer games.

In the few short hours it takes to read this book, you will learn: What it feels like to be in the world of computer and video games; How to appreciate the breadth and depth of modern computer and video games and the ways they make your kids learn; How to understand the various USEFUL skills your game-playing your kids are acquiring; How to understand your own kids better and build better relationships using games as a base; And, most importantly, How to augment and improve what your kids are learning by HAVING CONVERSATIONS THAT THEY WANT TO HAVE about their games.
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MOM HID MY VIDEO GAMES - Hidden My Game By Mom

It's gone! It's gone! My game is lost again! Can you find the three hidden games? A casual yet surreal escape game. A new feature "Collection Mom" has been.
Marc Prensky

Why Parents Should Go to All of Their Kids' Games

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No matter how old we are, we still love to play games with mom. I have put together a collection of some of the best games to play with moms. I have played all of these games and everyone of them belongs on my Games For Moms list. The list has something for every mom and these games are sure to make any get together memorable. These games will help you get to know the friend side of your mom. And that is a whole new level of love and understanding and appreciation.

Fox News Flash top headlines for Sept. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews. I've spent a lot of time on the floor with my kids playing with all kinds of toys, including blocks, baby dolls and board games. One person they can thank for that is my mom. And in doing so, she gave me a lot more than that. I remember being five and Mom playing Candy Land with me before nap time. I thought it was great fun.

Aside from my family, my greatest loves are for books, music, fitness, and pizza.
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