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Sanjay and Craig #1: "Fight the Future with Flavor" by Eric M. Esquivel

Does your neighbor have butt implants and a blueberry obsession? Can your best friend do ANYTHING without barfing? Welcome to Lundgren, where Sanjay Patel and Craig Slithers have the most rad-awesome adventures imaginable.
From their collection of fart jars to their shared love of chicken wings, Sanjay and Craig are more than a boy and his pet snake… theyre family!
Ready for the ride? Buckle up your fart baby and grab some napkins because Sanjay and Craig are about to douse you in awesome-sauce. NOICE! See you at the Frycade!

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Sanjay and Craig - Fartwerk - Nickelodeon UK

Vijay Patel

The main protagonist of the show. He's a year-old Indian-American boy who lives with his parents and his anthropomorphic pet snake. Sanjay's father who is Indian. He owns a clearance store in the neighborhood. He has invented various mechanicals, such as a party-obsessed, dancing robot, the Partybot. Sanjay's mother who works at a hospital as a nurse and a surgeon. She often tells Sanjay stories about her work.

On top of this, I have non-animated TV shows to keep up with. Plus a job, a family life and other trivialities like that. But certainly, my cartoons dance card is looking pretty full. I suppose I could just cut out exercise. It has that cool, anarchic feel those shows had. The shows creators cite The Adventures of Pete and Pete , another Nickelodeon show from the same period, as an influence. One episodes?

The series officially began production in late and first aired on Nickelodeon on May 25, The series was renewed for a second season on September 12, that began airing on July 12, , [2] and for a third season on June 11, that premiered on September 7, The series ended on July 29, with the half-hour special episode "Booyah for Bollywood", having aired three seasons and 60 episodes. The series follows Sanjay and Craig as they have comedic adventures around the town of Lundgren, often involving their friends Megan and Hector. Howell said that the idea began with a comic he and Dirschberger had made: the main character was a snake charmer named Sanjay and Craig was his "really crude roommate buddy who's a talking snake". Then-Nickelodeon executive Audrey Diehl recruited Howell and Dirschberger after finding an internet cartoon they had created titled "The Forest City Rockers", [11] the namesake of Howell and Dirschberger's production company. Sanjay and Craig was unsuccessfully pitched twice to Nickelodeon before Trolf, Dirschberger, and Howell sought advice from Loren Bouchard , whom Howell had designed characters for while creating Bob's Burgers for Fox Broadcasting Company.

Major Secondary characters (Sanjay's Friends)

Despite she is friendly to him, she doesn't seem to be showing any signs of loving Sanjay unlike Megan Sparkles who shows her compassion frequently and only sees him as a friend. Belle Pepper has a figure of a year-old girl. She has a bouncy and wavy yellow-orange hair with bangs that almost reach to her eyes, and wears a short sleeveless white shirt which reveals her waist underneath a revealing black shirt, a teal shorts and a smelly black boots with a yellow laces. Her head is adorned with a hippie headband. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Noodman's past is pretty foggy. The only sign of his past was in the episode " Laugh Quake ". It doesn't reveal much, but what it does reveal is important. Not only that Mr. Noodman has a father, it was also shown that he was attacked by some snakes as a child, making him quite paranoid to all their existence. Noodman is also described as big butted.

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  1. Sanjay Patel is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon television show Sanjay and Craig. As a twelve-year old, Sanjay is a very curious boy who is ready to.

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