Fce exam tips and study guides

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fce exam tips and study guides

The FCE Self-Study Guide: How To Study And Pass The FCE Exams The First Time! by Emmanuel Donkor

This is the first in a series of self-study guides on how to prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE). It is written by an experienced FCE preparation teacher who reveals tips and strategies on how to study and what to do on the day of the exam.
This guide is for those who want to prepare for the exam but either do not have the time to attend a preparation class or simply do not have the money for pay for a class. It is written in such a way that you won’t miss being away from the classroom. It gives practical instructions on what you can start doing by way of preparation and then what to do during the exam.
In this study guide, you will learn:
• The benefits of an FCE Certificate
• The different parts of the exam
• The different papers of the exam
• What each paper and part is testing for
• Useful tips about the test
• Strategies and techniques on how to get the correct answers
• Useful books and resources to help you in your studies
• Commonly asked questions and their answers
• Useful videos to help you practise the speaking tests and many more!
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FCE Speaking PART 1 (with useful expressions/language)

Free FCE Study on the Internet

The FCE exam, or the Cambridge First Certificate Exam to give it its full name, is a really helpful qualification to have — as it recognised and accepted by thousands of employers and educational bodies around the world! By having completed the FCE exam , you can demonstrate that you have a good grasp of both written and spoken English — for work and learning. The reading part of the exam can be stressful — especially when you come across lots of unfamiliar words or phrases. To avoid get flustered by this, practice lots of English reading — and try to get the general meaning of something quickly. Start by reading short blog posts and articles online, and then try longer pieces. While you might not think it makes a difference, writing by hand can sometimes require a little more thought! This will also help you to build up speed, which will definitely come in handy during the exam!

Examination centers around the world offer the First Certificate Exam twice a year; once in December and once in June. In fact, the First Certificate is only one of a number of Cambridge examinations aimed at levels from young learners to business English. However, the FCE is certainly the most popular. The tests are given in Cambridge University approved exam centers using Cambridge University approved examiners. Studying for the First Certificate Exam usually involves a long course. First Certificate preparation course can last hours and involve a difficult and long exam which contains five "papers" including:. There are few resources on the Internet for First Certificate preparation.

Passing the FCE exam confirms the knowledge of English at a higher intermediate level. This means that you are able to use the language in speech and writing in everyday life, at work and in education. Passing this exam may help you get the job of your dreams or get into college of your choice. FCE is accepted in most institutions in the world. Find out more about FCE here. Below you will find some tips about preparing for the FCE exam as well as resources to use. Register for the FCE exam and mark the date in your calendar.

So, what do you actually know about the Cambridge First exam? It is essential that you go into the exam prepared and know what you need to do in each paper.
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Watch our video or sign up now. However commonly the test is taken, it is definitely not an easy one and requires a lot of practice and hard work. Get Started Now. Set a schedule for yourself and work backwards from the test date so that way you can hold yourself accountable. The spoken section of the FCE test is difficult because of the large amount of vocabulary that students are required to know.

View related sites. Check your answers as you do the test. Once the test has finished you will not be able to check them. Reading and Use of English sample test. Listening sample test.

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