Pest disease and weed control

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pest disease and weed control

Natural Remedies for Pest, Disease and Weed Control by Chukwuebuka Egbuna

Natural Remedies for Pest, Disease and Weed Control presents alternative solutions in the form of eco-friendly, natural remedies. Written by senior researchers and professionals with many years of experience from diverse fields in biopesticides, the book presents scientific information on novel plant families with pesticidal properties and their formulations. It also covers chapters on microbial pest control and control of weeds by allelopathic compounds. This book will be invaluable to plant pathologists, agrochemists, plant biochemists, botanists, environmental chemists and farmers, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Details microbial biopesticides and other bio-botanical derived pesticides and their formulation
Contains case studies for major crops and plants
Discuses phytochemicals of plant-derived essential oils
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Published 18.12.2018

Episode 8 Managing Weeds Pests and Disease

Module 4: Pest, Disease and Weed Management

World crops: Cool season food legumes pp Cite as. The plant architecture, chemistry and world distribution of food legumes contribute to the large number of associated pests, diseases and weeds. Early weed control is essential; otherwise the pre-flowering plant has considerable powers of compensation for damage, especially if disease resistant cultivars can be planted. After flowering, the potential for compensation is progressively reduced and so the development of economic thresholds as well as reliable monitoring and forecasting systems are needed to maximise the efficiency of minimum pesticide, chosen carefully to integrate pest and disease management. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

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Try these natural methods first.
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The advantages and disadvantages of chemical pesticides

Chemical pesticides are often used to control diseases, pests or weeds. Chemical control is based on substances that are toxic poisonous to the pests involved.




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  1. Weed control is the botanical component of pest control , which attempts to stop weeds , especially noxious weeds , from competing with desired flora and fauna including domesticated plants and livestock , and in natural settings preventing non native species competing with native species.

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