Class rigidity and social mobility in persuasion

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class rigidity and social mobility in persuasion

Persuasion Quotes by Jane Austen

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The topics of class stringency and social mobility are important areas in Jane In Persuasion and Emma, we witness class rigidity as well as class mobility.

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Gentle birth, however, cannot save Sir Walter or Elizabeth from imprudence or triviality, and the once strict rules of society that originally furnished their importance correspondingly causes them to atrophy, and they deteriorate into absurd and vain people. Moreover, the strict rules of society become increasingly flexible, which allows Sir Walter to receive his just desserts. The new justice of the increasingly mobile social system becomes even more apparent in evaluating the tenants of Kellynch Hall, Admiral Croft and his wife. The increasing flexibility of the English social system allows for mobility both ways; ascendancy to higher status for the deserving, namely the Crofts, and a shameful descent for the undeserving, namely the Elliots, excepting Anne. However, Austen does not advocate a complete upheaval of the social system.

Status and independence are composed of a combination of wealth, ancestry, and occupation: certain characters achieve independence through marrying into wealth, as is the case with Mr. Considerations of class also affect characters of less vanity and more prudence, such as Lady Russell and the protagonist Anne Elliot. Lady Russell judiciously advises Anne about the importance of marrying a man who matches her station and can adequately provide for her, and, based on this counsel, Anne conscientiously refrains from marrying the man she loves. Status and social class both motivate and restrict the actions that characters are able to take in fulfilling their desires. William Elliot is motivated to marry Anne out of a lately developed appreciation for his inheritance and baronetcy. Captain Wentworth strikes out to sea in order to make his fortunes through the Navy.

He also added that the most beneficial intervention besides drugs was Taichi class. However, his knee pain has become a barrier from continuation. The past medical. However, this inversion suggests this tension will not be relieved by eradicating class difference, but by including. This manipulation is further utilised to exhibit the role of the characters, predominantly Miss Julie and Jean, the disparate protagonists, within these strata.

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The issues of class rigidity and social mobility are the most important themes in Persuasion. Marriage and the naval profession are two means by which individuals may improve their social class. Austen is not a revolutionary; she defends the values and traditions of respect for the social structure. Yet she is subtly subversive in her support of greater social mobility. The Navy's role in gradually increasing class flexibility is stated to be one of its "domestic virtues. Elliot and Mrs.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. We begin to see that Austen is not a revolutionary as she supports and preserves the morals and customs of societies ierarchy. However she often encourages and backs the emergence of new wealth permitting greater social mobility. In Persuasion and Emma, we witness class rigidity as well as class mobility. We will write a custom essay sample on Class Rigidity and Social Mobility or any similar topic only for you.

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  2. The central conflict of the novel has to do with Anne Elliott's decision to reject the marriage proposal of Captain Wentworth, despite being in love with him. She is.

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