My favorite food and why

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my favorite food and why

My Favorite Food by Tiziana Bendall-Brunello

A cute story, for the most part, with a twist ending, believe it or not. Its about little goose and her mom. I particularly like that aspect as I read it to my grandbaby and my daughter is a teen mom. So I try to find some books where the mom is the main parent figure.

Little goose likes to eat grass. She wonders what the other animals in the barnyard like to eat. Her mom said, Why dont you go and find out? So thats what little goose does. She asks pig, who likes apples, to which little goose tries one and agrees.

She asks goat who likes socks, to which little goose does not agree. This I thought was clever. Getting across the idea to try new things although you may not like them. (Some kids are afraid to try new foods, of course socks may not have been the best example as who wants their child to try socks?) But I thought the sock thing was funny.

She asks cow next, who likes daises. Little goose then asks fox---and here is the twist ending. When goose asks fox what he likes to eat, fox says, YOU! At which point little goose runs home to the safety of her mommy. We then see fox sitting down to eat his real favorite food--strawberries.

As to the ending, I imagine some may not like the idea of fox wanting to eat little goose, even though we do find out its not true. I perceived fox to be an adult animal as it did not say little fox. Some may find the ending a bit shocking, or maybe the fox coming across as a bully for scaring little goose out of her wits. But it reminded me of a little Red Riding Hood type ending (except for fox, in this case, really likes strawberries.) So a point off for the ending as Im still not sure what I think of it, other than fox seeming like an ass to a youngster. Then again, it added a bit of suspense till I turned the page. :)
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Favorite Food By Victorious Cast (Lyrics On Screen)

What Are Your Favorite Foods?

Privacy Terms. Quick links. What is your favorite food to eat? Post your ideas here! I like to eat meat, I do not like to eat vegetables. There is a vegetable I do not like the taste,So I do not like. Does anyone like me do not like to eat vegetables?

What is your favorite food? What do you think the most popular foods are? Describe the types of reasoning you are using to draw your conclusions. You may need to wait until Wednesday to answer this. My favorite food item is chinese food. I think the most popular foods are italian chinese or mexican food. I say this because I have observed over the past years in lunch and classrooms many of my peers enjoy eating pizzas, tacos or noodles.

Write a paragraph about your favorite type of food. Make sure to have a topic sentence, reasons with details, and a concluding paragraph. My favorite food is chinese food for two reason. First of all, I like noodles because they are soft and they have a delicious soup on it. In the noodle, you can put a spicy sauce to add flavor.

Oh goodness. I love food. And a lot of it. This is a hard question, yikes I'll just make a list! I present, my favorite foods! * Snack foods: here's a.
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What's my favourite food? Oh God, please don't make me answer that question. Unless, that is, you're asking on behalf of Oxfam. That saintly organisation commissioned a poll in 17 countries asking people to name their three favourite foods. The survey was conducted as part of their Grow campaign , "which is calling on governments and big businesses to fix the global food system to ensure that everyone has enough to eat. Pasta 2.

What are your favorite foods? Before we meet with Nutshell clients, we have you fill out a form to tell us a little about yourself. These days food is everywhere. Not just in the cookbooks or on commercials. There are millions and millions of Instagram posts about food. Foods that sound good to YOU.

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