The super rich and us

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the super rich and us

The Rich and the Super Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today by Ferdinand Lundberg

Decades ago, a bombshell of a book appeared which told the story of the lords of wealth & their glittering clans. It was called Americas Sixty Families. It rocked the nation & became a classic. Lundberg showed how America was ruled by a plutocracy of inherited wealth, even under the New Deal. At the time he could only provide a sampling of the economic & political patterns of those families, which, for one reason or another, had come under public scrutiny. In addition to the 60 Families he dealt with in depth he was able to outline the probable holdings of a few hundred other families. Where are they today - those 60 Families? What ravages of time, death & taxes worked on the mighty fortunes of yesteryear? Is the Welfare State robbing them of the opulence they knew in the good old days?...Lundberg shows that there are 200,000 very wealthy individuals in the USA. Most of them are of some 500 super-millionaire families. Examples are 250 Du Ponts, 73 Rockefellers. Some 61% of the 200,000 inherited their wealth. These families are far wealthier than ever before...These families have all the old levers of power & pelf plus a host of new ones created for them during the intervening decades by the politicians, lawyers & judges who serve them.--dustjacket
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The Best Documentary Ever - BBC Who's Spending Britain's Billions

Episode 2. 2/2 Jacques Peretti investigates how inequality was pinpointed as a business opportunity. Episode 1. 1/2 Jacques Peretti investigates why the.
Ferdinand Lundberg

The Super-Rich and Us

Its usage was partly classic BBC self-reference and partly a light form of subversion: "See these mega rich blokes like Alan Sugar," it seemed to imply. It is an interesting trend for the BBC, and maybe an inevitable one. If the corporation is going to take sides then it might as well take the side of the 99 percent of people paying its licence fee. It would be nice if it could follow through and stop using the dullard one percent as "entertainment" for us, a la Dragons Den though some, I'm sure, will miss Peter Jones's socks. The presenter of The Super-Rich and Us , Jacques Peretti, is an affable host, as if BBC producers finally decided to go Wizard of Oz on Adam Curtis, finding behind the curtain not a steely-eyed conspiracist spouting portentous free-prose, but a mild-mannered chap who could have made a great Blue Peter presenter ten years ago.

Forgot your login information? View Segments Segment :. Wainwright, M. Super-rich and us, episode 1 Super-rich and us [Streaming video]. Wainwright, Michael, et al. SAGE Video. BBC, 15 Feb.

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In this two part series, Jacques Peretti investigates how the super-rich are transforming Britain. What does the arrival of their astronomical wealth really mean for.
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The super-rich. Asian billionaires embark on UK spending spree as pound nosedives. Published: 23 Aug From Trump to Johnson, nationalists are on the rise — backed by billionaire oligarchs George Monbiot. The ultra-rich are benefitting from disaster capitalism as democratic oversight implodes, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot. Published: 26 Jul

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Title: The Super-Rich and Us —. Jacques Peretti investigates how the super-rich are transforming Britain.

The Super-Rich and Us E2 of 2. About Episode Guide. What makes Peretti such a potent force on screen is the way he can charm billionaires and corporate bosses even as he prepares to slide a stiletto between their ribs. His calm, level-with-me interviewing style has a way of making people treat him as an equal rather than an adversary, with revealing results. His central argument here is that mega-wealth does not exist in a bubble but affects everyone. Summary Part two of two. Jacques Peretti investigates claims that inequality was pinpointed as a business opportunity before the recent financial crash by one of America's biggest banks, which saw it as a way of making money from a more divided society.

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