Philosophy and the poetic imagination

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philosophy and the poetic imagination

On Poetic Imagination and Reverie by Gaston Bachelard

To give a comment about Bachelard, one must surpass his thinking, and that I cant do. When I first read this book, I felt like a kid who was being taught the wonder of beings. Bachelard is my fantasy guru, because he will take and show you that everything you perceive and thought as it is [traditionally:], is subject to a change.

In one instance he says a root is always a discovery [p.84:]. I agree with that, the primary reason of the establishment of religious fundamentalist is a belief that the root is already finished, all interpretations of holy writ must be built upon it, a slight deviation will be called heresy. A discovery doesnt mean refutation but extension and enrichment of the former.

You can not read Bachelard and dont come up with new words and phrase you coin yourself, thas the magic of his imaginary reasoning. This book is a collection of his scattered writings. Breath-taking!
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The Poetic Imagination

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The imagination is a decisive, if underappreciated, theme in German thought since Kant.
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