Story and discourse in the analysis of narrative

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story and discourse in the analysis of narrative

Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film by Seymour Chatman

Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film. For the specialist in the study of narrative structure, this is a solid and very perceptive exploration of the issues salient to the telling of a story-whatever the medium. Chatman, whose approach here is at once dualist and structuralist, divides his subject into the what of the narrative (Story) and the way(Discourse)... Chatmans command of his material is impressive.
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The Metaphysics of "Narrative Structure"

Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film

By focusing on two case studies from the Swiss cultural and creative industries sector, narrative praxes, practices and practitioners of entrepreneurial storytelling in project- and organizational development are outlined. Story-making and story-telling about a curatorial, innovative, entrepreneurial, strategic, collaborative and knowledge-driven design process generate entrepreneurial narration, design, networks and organization-specific discourse. This interplay is suggested as the basis for the entrepreneurial story and value creation that shape the narrative identity of projects, organizations and enterprises. Implications are discussed to guide future comparable research for the emerging field of entrepreneurial storytelling. In view of the development and transfer of new tools and formats for teaching, coaching and consulting, first applications for professionals are argued.

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This has not always been the case. It is only with the growing popularity of the novel and a corresponding expansion of the market for literature throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that prose gained this prominent position as a suitable language for literature. In this section the focus will be on narrative prose, that is, prose literature which tells a story. Story and Discourse. Theorists of narrative have long been in agreement that there are at least two levels in a narrative text: Something happens and this something is related in a certain way. These two levels have been given different names by different critics for an overview of various terminologies see Korte

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This article is concerned with the study of appraisal of a foreigner who worked in Indonesia. The aim is to find out some personal feeling of working in Indonesia. - These terms refer, then, to the basic structure of all narrative form.

Seymour Chatman is primarily a film scholar, but his research aims to encompass the broad concept of narrative in all its forms. Chatman belongs to the structuralist school of criticism, and finds that structuralism is an effective and useful approach toward understanding narrative. Chatman opens by comparing theory and poetics. Poetics accounts for the structure of storytelling, which accounts for how to analyze form, but asks more questions than it answers. Literary theory is about the nature of literature. It is not criticism.

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