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where to buy bitter leaf

Bitter Leaf by Chioma Okereke

Bitter Leaf is a richly textured and intricate novel set in Mannobe, a world that is African in nature but never geographically placed. At the heart of the novel is the village itself and its colourful cast of inhabitants: Babylon, a gifted musician who falls under the spell of the beautiful Jericho who has recently returned from the city; Mabel and Melle Codon, twin sisters whose lives have taken very different paths, Magdalena, daughter of Mabel, who nurses an unrequited love for Babylon and Allegory, the wise old man who adheres to tradition. As lives and relationships change and Mannobe is challenged by encroaching development, the fragile web of dependency holding village life together is gradually revealed. An evocatively imagined debut novel from a promising new writer about love and loss, parental and filial bonds, and everything in between that makes life bittersweet.
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Bitter Leaf Juice

The locals consume the leaves as vegetable. The leaves are used in soups, cooking, for tea, and applied topically on minor skin irritations.
Chioma Okereke

Bitter Leaf Herb (Liver Support)

Vernonia amygdalina, family Astaraceae is a medicinal herb commonly known as bitter leaf. This plant is indigenous to tropical Africa and has enormous medicinal uses and is regarded as a gold mine by many African communities. The plant is normally found along rivers and lakes, in forest margins, wood land and open grass land in the wild or cultivated. It grows very well under full sunlight and humid environmental conditions. The Vernonia amygdalina plant is a shrub that grows to a height of m with petiole leafs of about 6 mm in diameter and about 20 cm long, and elliptic in shape. The leaves are dark green colored with a characteristic odour and have a bitter taste. The bark is grey or brown and has a rough texture that is flaked.

Bitawiri is a Surinamese leafy vegetable with a bitter taste.
the hottest love has the coldest end

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Bitter leaf is a vegetable also known as Ewuro or Onugbu. The bitter leaf is used to prepare vegetable soup. We do not ship frozen items like Goat meat, Chicken and Jute Leaves, outside of Ontario because we can not guarantee it will be in perfect condition at the time of delivery. Delivery within Toronto and its environs is guaranteed delivery the next day. We will communicate with you if an unforeseen circumstance arises. Please click here for more FAQS or reach out to us here.

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