Sometimes even to live is an act of courage

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sometimes even to live is an act of courage

Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca : “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

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Published 02.01.2019

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To Live Is an Act of Courage

She has found the courage to continue, will you? What does that mean? This quote has special meaning to me today, as a distant friend is dying of cancer. She has fought as best she can, and will soon find rest. But she chose to live, and to fight, and demonstrate her courage daily. Despite declining health, he remained as active as he could, if only to prove his point. In parts of the world, this quote could apply to those suffering from severe hunger or poverty.

The crisis of suicide among our soldiers and veterans must end. Strong, fierce, smart, and talented, Ajax is one of the greatest warrior heroes in classical mythology. He wins every campaign and every battle he enters, earning the name Ajax Unconquered. His suicide happens after the greatest warrior of them all, Achilles, is killed, and Ajax and Odysseus defy all common sense in retrieving his body from their enemies, the Trojans. Both show extraordinary valor. Ajax does most of the fighting while Odysseus grabs the body and rides away to safety. Afterward, a council decides that both deserve to inherit the magical armor Achilles had worn.

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Passersby may not pay attention to this tiny tile amongst the many other hand-painted ones. In addition, most people who see it will just smile at the nice grinning sun and just think for a brief moment that the quote must mean something profound since it is by the Roman philosopher Seneca. They will never think twice about it or why it was written on the tile. When it seems like there is nothing to live for, when living each day brings deep pain of all kinds, then living becomes an act of courage. When I think about about my fellow patients with me at the Shepherd Center, I think of the bravest people I know. We were expected to move on with our lives—nay, start a new life—after everything we have ever known changed. We did not ask for this, and complaining or whining about it would get us nowhere.

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