Books on human genetic engineering

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books on human genetic engineering

Best Books with Genetic Alterations or Genetic Engineering (98 books)

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Published 08.01.2019

Changing the Blueprints of Life - Genetic Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #38

Combining feminism and strong world-building, A Door into Ocean follows the Sharers of Shora, a nation of women on a distant moon in the far future. The Sharers are pacifists, highly advanced in biological sciences, and reproduce by parthenogenesis—there are no males.
Rebecca Zanetti

Genetics in fiction

This guide will serve as a starting point for Shippensburg University students wishing to conduct research on various aspects of the national debate over genetic engineering. You will find sources that introduce you to your topic and keep you up-to-date with links to news articles, research websites, journal articles, and research reports concerning genetic engineering. Main Term s : genetic engineering, human reproductive technology Related Terms: animal culture, bioethics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, genetic engineering in art, genetic engineering ethics, human gene mapping, Human Genome Project, sex preselection, surrogate motherhood, transgenic organisms Broader Terms: genetic recombination, genetics Narrower Terms: animal genetic engineering, cloning, fertilization in vitro, gene delivery techniques, gene therapy, genetic models, genome editing, human genetic engineering, microbial genetic engineering, molecular cloning, pharming genetics , protein engineering, recombinant DNA, transplantation of cell nuclei. For genetic engineering in agriculture and plant genetic engineering, see Genetically Modified Food. Use this search tool to find high quality web sources for your research.

In case you missed it, we are currently in an era of genetic revolution. Genome engineering technology has the potential to impact every industry known to us and change the world we live in. We have shortlisted the top books in this genre with topics ranging from DNA structure to gene-editing. Check out our recommendations below—they will help you better understand genomics, from A to T! Whether you are a scientist or just a bookworm, these genomics books will have you hooked! Ranging from fiction to nonfiction, we have compiled a list of books written by pioneers in this field. We have provided a brief summary of each book below to help you pick your favorite— but be warned that you might find it hard to stop with just one!

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Contact Us. Martin's Press, , Paperback. Biotech companies are racing to alter the genetic building blocks of the world's food. In the United States, the acreage of genetically modified crops has soared from zero to 70 million acres since More than half of America's processed grocery products-from cornflakes to granola bars to diet drinks-contain gene-altered ingredients.

Shanks, a grassroots political activist, offers a primer not just on the modification of the human genome, but on all fronts of the biotechnology debate, from cloning to stem cells, gene therapy and the genetic engineering of food. Designed in handbook style, with bulleted lists of key ideas, bold-faced terms and cross-references sprinkling the page, the book includes only a teaspoonful of science, just enough to give a lay reader some idea of the vocabulary of biotech. Shanks is fairly accurate but overly dismissive of some promising avenues of research, such as gene therapy. And while he makes gestures toward representing both pro- and anti-biotech views, Shanks can't resist quoting others who call the proponents of cloning irrational or elitist. In the last two chapters, the gloves come off: Shanks wholeheartedly endorses the banning of cloning and many other cutting-edge technologies, patting himself on the back for working with some of the leaders of the opposition to biotechnology.

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