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cooking and baking creations book

Have Your Cake and Vegan Too: 50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations by Kris Holechek Peters


From sweet berry shortcakes and decadent chocolate treats to quick-and-easy coffee cakes and multilayered birthday extravaganzas, this book is packed with everything you need to make mouthwatering vegan cakes. It offers tips galore on:

•perfect moisture and texture
•creamy frostings and fillings
•simple substitutions for eggs and dairy
•creative flavors and decorations


¦Black Forest

¦Chocolate Crumb


¦Pumpkin Bundt

¦Torta Limone

¦Pineapple Upside-Down

¦Cardamom Cashew


¦Almond Mocha

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You won't BELIEVE these are CAKE Compilation!!

A Homeworth team member spoke to Jameela Sayed, the face behind the famous Cooking and Baking Creations recipe books -The books that have turned many regular cooks into master chefs! An inspiring woman who has proved that anything is possible if you have talent and determination! Her flop-proof, easy-to-follow recipes and simple ingredients have won hearts.
Kris Holechek Peters

Show us your best and worst baking creations

Cooking and Baking Creations Volume3 by Jameela Sayed is the best, most practical and amazing recipe book you will ever need as well as use in your kitchen. I was never someone who follows a recipe or even looks into a recipe book as I always do not have that one ingredient in my kitchen cupboard but the recipes in this book does not require fancy spices and ingredients. Cooking and Baking Creations Volume3 was gifted to me by the master chef herself, the amazing sister Jameela Sayed. Every recipe is so simple, practical and most importantly delicious. The pictures of each dish tempts your tastebuds to try it.

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R Welcome to the book of cooking and baking creations, put together for those looking for tried and tested and flop proof recipes to whip up in a jiffy. A Compilation of simple, delicious and easy recipes.
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Jameela Sayed

Skip to main content. Cake Baking. Customers also bought. Best sellers. East: Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing.

Cooking and baking creations by jameela sayed - Home Cooking and baking creations by jameela sayed. This page is created for all you food lovers looking for my cooking Cooking and baking creations recipe books. For all your agents and suppliers of cooking and baking creations recipe books worldwide. Meals and wine form as much a pure partnership in the kitchen as they do on the desk. Additionally use your keyword phrase in your title and four instances in the content of your article.


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  1. Cooking and Baking Recipes. Baking and cooking skills. PURIS ???? By cooking and baking creations Recipes credit by Jameela Sayed Volume 3 recipe Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp ghee 1/2 cup yogurt 1/2 cup milk Method: 1.

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