Bad luck and trouble book

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bad luck and trouble book

Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher, #11) by Lee Child

From a helicopter high above the empty California desert, a man is sent free-falling into the night…. In Chicago, a woman learns that an elite team of ex–army investigators is being hunted down one by one.... And on the streets of Portland, Jack Reacher—soldier, cop, hero—is pulled out of his wandering life by a code that few other people could understand. From the first shocking scenes in Lee Child’s explosive new novel, Jack Reacher is plunged like a knife into the heart of a conspiracy that is killing old friends…and is on its way to something even worse.

A decade postmilitary, Reacher has an ATM card and the clothes on his back—no phone, no ties, and no address. But now a woman from his old unit has done the impossible. From Chicago, Frances Neagley finds Reacher, using a signal only the eight members of their elite team of army investigators would know. She tells him a terrifying story—about the brutal death of a man they both served with. Soon Reacher is reuniting with the survivors of his old team, scrambling to raise the living, bury the dead, and connect the dots in a mystery that is growing darker by the day. The deeper they dig, the more they don’ t know: about two other comrades who have suddenly gone missing—and a trail that leads into the neon of Vegas and the darkness of international terrorism.

For now, Reacher can only react. To every sound. Every suspicion. Every scent and every moment. Then Reacher will trust the people he once trusted with his life—and take this thing all the way to the end. Because in a world of bad luck and trouble, when someone targets Jack Reacher and his team, they’d better be ready for what comes right back at them…
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John Lee Hooker : Bad luck and trouble

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Lee Child

Bad Luck and Trouble: A Jack Reacher Novel

He is as close to untraceable as a person can get. A loner comfortable in his anonymity and solitude. So when a member of his old Army unit finds a way to contact him, he knows this has to be serious. In the past the elite team always watched each other's backs. Now one of them has shown up dead in the California desert and six more are missing. Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, Bad Luck and Trouble is eleventh in the series.

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At the start of bestseller Child's winning 11th Jack Reacher adventure after The Hard Way , the bad guys unceremoniously dump Calvin Franz, a former MP, from a Bell helicopter "[t]hree thousand feet above the [California] desert floor. More members of the band get back together, only to discover that Franz isn't the group's only casualty. As usual in Reacher's capers, practically nothing is what it seems, and the meticulously detailed route to the truth proves especially engrossing thanks to the joint efforts of this band of brothers and two sisters. The author carefully delineates Reacher's erstwhile colleagues, their smart-ass banter masking an unspoken affection. The villains' comeuppance, a riveting eye-for-an-eye battle scene hint: helicopter , is one of Child's more satisfying finales. View Full Version of PW.

It would take a hard-core fan to appreciate the humor in this. But there are many of those fans, for good reason. If Mr. Reacher-like woman named Frances Neagley. Child wrote in that book. Now he avoids commas, italics, long sentences, balmy caresses and any other talk about the weather.

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