Best books on sustainable architecture

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best books on sustainable architecture

Popular Sustainable Design Books

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5 Books Every Zero Waster Should Read!

Environmental Performance of Tall Buildings : Great case Study analysis and critical review of environmental strategies for tall buildings. Let me know if you want more technical books getting into the building physics as these are the real gems of the specialty Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site?
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recommendations: sustainable architecture books

Sustainability in all fields of design is on the rise now, and we have no option but to subdue if we want to keep the Earth alive. The rapid progress in the fields of construction and industry throughout the past century has majorly affected the natural life on the planet and significantly reduced its resources. It has disturbed the balance, and now we have to restore it. Sustainability as a design trend and a lifestyle might be offering the final chance to avoid an inevitable catastrophe. Reducing the negative impact of the built environment on its context starts from design. Architects have the power to control waste in construction and abuse of resources by future users of a building by making the right decisions, using the right materials, applying the right techniques, and utilizing the available technology in the most useful way. In order to be capable of designing sustainable architecture and cities, architects might need to extend their fields of knowledge to include some fields of geography, geology, properties of materials, fluid mechanics, among many others.

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Twenty-five books on sustainable design from our designers, commentators, featured publishers, and booksellers. Includes books by Ellen Lupton and J. Total Armageddon is about design. And culture. And complexity, notably how we, as a global civilization, deal with science fiction, taste, social media, the cities we live in, aesthetics, PowerPoint, burkas, Big Tech, full-contact sports, and other thorny topics. Order from Slanted Publishers.

Packed with full-color images from contributors such as Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Edun, and People Tree, A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion is a much-needed handbook for both students and professionals in the fashion and textile industries. Beginning with a reflection on current models of fashion design and production, this book introduces the key issues associated with the production, use, and disposal of fashion clothing and gives step-by-step guidance on how to identify and evaluate the potential impacts of a garment during the design process. Design, Ecology, Politics links social and ecological theory to design theory and practice, critiquing the ways in which the design industry perpetuates unsustainable development. Boehnert argues that when design does engage with issues of sustainability, this engagement remains shallow, due to the narrow basis of analysis in design education and theory. The situation is made more severe by design cultures which claim to be apolitical. Where design education fails to recognise the historical roots of unsustainable practice, it reproduces old errors. New ecologically informed design methods and tools hold promise only when incorporated into a larger project of political change.

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