Archaeology of the bible book by book

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archaeology of the bible book by book

Archaeology of the Bible by Jean-Pierre Isbouts

From ancient holy sites, to buried relics and treasures, National Geographic uncovers the history and the archaeological discoveries from Scripture and the biblical world. Richly illustrated and written from an objective and nondenominational perspective, author Jean-Pierre Isbouts uses the latest scientific and archaeological discoveries to place biblical stories in the framework of human history. Chapters, beginning with the dawn of human civilization and ending with present day and the future of archaeology, chronicle hundreds of sites and artifacts found in Sumer, Babylon, the Second Temple, along the route of the Exodus, and in many other regions across the Middle East. Timelines bridge hundreds of years and several empires, maps give readers a visual sense of location, while hundreds of photos and illustrations of rare artifacts and ancient places add to the visual splendor. lt concludes with details of what remains to be found and the evolving dynamic of biblical faith in an increasingly scientific world in which archaeologists make daily breakthroughs.
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Historicity of the Bible

Turner and Elizabeth Goss. Academic in quality yet popular in readability, this lavishly illustrated volume presents the historical background, cultural setting and material culture of the well-known New Testament city admonished by Paul in his epistle to the Colossians. As Colossae still lies buried by the sands of time, Cadwallader looks to artifacts scattered in various museum collections, a few finds in situ and information gleaned from the diaries and journals of explorers in library archives. Cadwallader assembles a fascinating description of Colossae without even putting a spade into it. Lawson Younger, Jr.

Archaeology of the Bible: Book by Book [Gaalyah Cornfeld, David N. Freedman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maps, photographs, and.
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Reddish Eerdmans. In pages, the authors assemble more than archaeological objects in some 25 museums, roughly in chronological order, with photographs, descriptions, and concise explanations as to how these items relate to the Bible. Fant and Reddish also include a number of important ancient books. Volume I, written by the late Mazar, covers the period from 10, B. Volume II, by Stern, covers the period B. As good as these books are, they will have to be updated thanks to some major excavations and digs in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

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