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insanity jeff the killer book

Insanity: Jeff the Killer (Insanity #1) by Neesha Nickleson

Bullies and liars beware; your doom is near. Naomi Jansen just wanted a normal carefree life till she met Jeff, a laid back teenage boy with a dark secret. While Naomi is at camp she discovers one morning that her long time bully, Mallory, was found dead in her cabin. Naomi suspects Jeff, but decides that hes to sweet to do something like that; until a series of events changes her mind and her outlook on her own sanity.
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Insanity: A Jeff the Killer Fanfiction

BY: Neesha Nickleson Jeff the Killer Book 1 of the INSANITY Series BULLIES & LIARS BEWARE: A new threat is arising Naomi Jansen just wanted to have a normal carefree life until she met Jeff at summer camp. Jeff is a laid back teenage boy with a dark secret. Then one morning at camp.
Neesha Nickleson

Jeff the Killer (Insanity)

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Jeff the Killer is one of the main protagonists in the story Insanity: Jeff the Killer. He is the friend and eventual lover of the novel's other protagonist, Naomi Jansen. They both meet at a summer camp and after Naomi gets stabbed brutally by Mallory, Jeff shows his dark side by killing the bully. After multiple encounters with other murderous bullies, they both become vicious murderers before meeting Slenderman. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Skilled Knife User Throws knives hard enough and skilled enough to deeply embed them into other teenager's skulls. Shown being good at knife fighting , Adept in Hand to Hand combat Easily overpowers and maneuvers around humans of a comparable tier while fighting, showing above average skill , Pain Tolerance Mostly unaffected by his own self mutilation, being stabbed, brutally beaten, and chemical burns , Stealth Mastery Was able to slip into Mallory's cabin to kill her and her cabin-mates without being noticed or heard , Psychometry When he touches Mallory's knife he receives a vision of what she did to Naomi , Regeneration Mid-Low; Healed from his entire body being on fire though he was bleached white, comparable to Naomi and the bullies who either tank or regenerate from brutal beatings with Baseball bats , knife wounds, pistol fire, and bone crunching punches rather quickly. Attack Potency : Street level Could damage and kill Randy, Troy, and Keith who survived being hit with a metal baseball bat with no lasting effects.

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  1. This is an incredibly poorly written example of author self-insert fanfiction. In the beginning of the story, a number of girls are murdered at a summer camp, and.

  2. Insanity book. Read 24 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Bullies and liars beware; your doom is near. Naomi Jansen just wanted a no.

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