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cookie monster and the cookie tree book

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree by David Korr

This book was part of my Sesame Street book collection growing up and while it stood out when I was younger, it was because it was a bit creepy, whether it be the witch, the talking tree, or just the way Cookie Monster was portrayed. While I will be taking my childhood and how I feel children would respond to this book into account, I will be reviewing this book as a 26-year-old adult and incorporate my reception of rereading it.

In this story, a witch has grown a cookie tree that she wants all to herself. Knowing that Cookie Monster is on his way, she casts a spell that prohibits anyone from eating cookies from this tree unless they share them. Unable to eat any under this provision, Cookie Monster tries to find people on Sesame Street to share with, but his reputation leads everyone to believe that it is merely a trick. Meanwhile, the witch is unable to eat any cookies from the tree, because she herself will not share. Will either Cookie Monster or the witch have the opportunity to enjoy the cookies off of the cookie tree?

I like the fact that this story captures Cookie Monster perfectly. Cookie Monster wants nothing more than to enjoy cookies. He is being prohibited from doing such and is now being tested on whether or not he would be willing to share cookies to order to have some himself. While I will not mention how the story specifically ends, I will say that it is Classic Cookie Monster. What I did not like is how while the other characters on Sesame Street have a right to not believe Cookie Monster after he has eaten their cookies time and time again, their attitudes were unbelievably sarcastic and rude (except for Oscar, who is always grouchy, pun slightly intended). The Count was especially snarky in how he counted the people he tried to fool. While it created an even bigger challenge for Cookie Monster, it can certainly rub people who actively watch Sesame Street the wrong way about characters that will at least give Cookie Monster a chance or an opportunity to speak his piece.

There are areas in which this book holds merit and I feel that this is a good Cookie Monster adventure, but there are so many great Sesame Street books that I preferred more than I did this one.
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We love Golden Books at our house. I especially love the Sesame Street stories; they take me back to my halcyon days of childhood, when I watched old school Sesame Street , and everything seemed a little sweeter. This book, Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree, is a favorite at our house.
David Korr

Cookie Monster & the Cookie Tree

Post a Comment. He brings back fond memories of simple milk and cookie days promptly followed by a nap that we all looked forward to back in kindergarten. By the way, what were the teachers thinking giving us cookies and then expecting us to lay still for up to 45 minutes? Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy two copies of this title at the thrift store one eventful afternoon so I decided to sell one at my shop and keep one for myself and to tell you the truth, I would gladly buy a thousand more copies. Think about it for a second: Your Cookie Monster, and you stumble across a Tree that is plentiful with cookies!


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