Popol vuh the sacred book of the ancient quiche maya

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popol vuh the sacred book of the ancient quiche maya

The Popol Vuh by Anonymous

In the beginning, the world is spoken into existence with one word: Earth. There are no inhabitants, and no sun--only the broad sky, silent sea, and sovereign Framer and Shaper. Then come the twin heroes Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Wielding blowguns, they begin a journey to hell and back, ready to confront the folly of false deities as well as death itself, in service to the world and to humanity.

This is the story of the Mayan Popol Vuh, the book of the woven mat, one of the only epics indigenous to the Americas. Originally sung and chanted, before being translated into prose--and now, for the first time, translated back into verse by Michael Bazzett--this is a story of the generative power of language. A story that asks not only Where did you come from? but How might you live again? A story that, for the first time in English, lives fully as the phonetic rendering of a living pulse.
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The Creation Story of the Maya

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Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya

The Popol Vuh is the most important example of Maya literature to have survived the Spanish conquest. It is also one of the world's great creation accounts, comparable to the beauty and power of Genesis. Most previous translations have relied on Spanish versions rather than the original K'iche'-Maya text. Based on ten years of research by a leading scholar of Maya literature, this translation with extensive notes is uniquely faithful to the original language. Retaining the poetic style of the original text, the translation is also remarkably accessible to English readers.

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The Popol Vuh is an important text for understanding Late Postclassic and Early Colonial Maya religion, myth, and history, but also because it also offers interesting glimpses into Classic Period beliefs. Between , the Spanish friar Francisco Ximenez found that version where he was stationed in Chichicastenango, copied it and translated the document into Spanish. Ximenez' translation is currently stored in the Newberry Library of Chicago. There are numerous versions of the Popol Vuh in translations in various languages: the best known in English is that of Mayanist Dennis Tedlock, originally published in ; Low et al. The Popol Vuh is a narrative of the cosmogony, history, and traditions of the K'iche' Maya before the Spanish conquest in That narrative is presented in three parts.

This is how they came to decide on the right material for the creation of man. Their flesh was made of white and yellow corn. The arms and legs of the four men were made of corn meal. Christians read the Bible. Muslims study the Koran.

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  1. This is the first complete version in English of the "Book of the People" of the Quiche Maya, the most powerful nation of the Guatemalan highlands in.

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