Mark taylor prophecy february 2018

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mark taylor prophecy february 2018

SUMMARY: The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor by Michael Smith

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Published 29.01.2019

Trump will win in 2020: Pastor Robert Jeffress

Mark Taylor Prophecy - "Heat is coming in February"- Mark Taylor Update - YouTube.
Michael Smith

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert – The Trump Prophecies

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Mark Taylor prophecies

Mark Taylor & Mary Colbert Part 1 - Something More

A second edition of The Trump Prophecies was published in April of Missing from this collection is "The Great Horse" prophecy, excerpts of which are included in the book versions. His Kingdom Prophecy , another website where Mark posts his prophecies. Some have posting dates later than composition dates, because Mark spends time praying for confirmation that messages are truly from God before he posts them. Where textual differences exist between the website version and the book versions, if one reading is theologically sounder, it should be preferred. In the prophecy America, America the book versions' statement, "America will once again be in the great light," is theologically sounder than the website version's statement, "America will once again be the great light. The Greek text of John has the definite article translated " the " right before the word translated "light.

By the time near the election , Mary Colbert Paulette Todd learns about the message and starts a national prayer chain to make God's wish of Trump becoming president come true. There are two parts of The Trump Prophecy : the narrative part about Taylor's experiences that makes up around three quarters of the film, and an interview segment with well-known speakers in the evangelical and conservative circle of the United States. Described by Vox as a depiction of Christian nationalism in the United States, The Trump Prophecy was released in a time when the idea that God was responsible for Trump winning the election was shared by several evangelical leaders like Franklin Graham , Richard Land , and Robert Jeffress. However, the film garnered negative reviews from professional critics. The Trump Prophecy 's producers denied any political motive behind the film. Nevertheless, it was viewed by some Christian experts, film critics, and Liberty University students as political propaganda. Facebook blocked ads for the film for being political, and a Liberty University student started an online petition trying to stop the film that was signed by more than 2, people.

It was, everyone agreed, a miracle. Between graphic nightmares featuring demonic monsters and hellish flames, Taylor received a message from God in April , while he was surfing television channels. And so it came to pass, although it took another five years and a national prayer campaign. There may be repeat showings if there is demand. Given several rows of empty seats in the Regal River Ridge Stadium in Lynchburg, Virginia — a conservative evangelical heartland — that may prove unnecessary. Doug Barringer was impressed with the movie. I prayed for him through the [ election] campaign.

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