To complain is to truly be alive

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to complain is to truly be alive

Complaints Quotes (64 quotes)

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Published 31.01.2019

Why Complain, I'm Alive!

There are so many things in daily life that cause me never-ending unease: waiting in the kind of loosely defined wraparound line at the D. The potential for me to be utterly humiliated lies in wait around every corner of my life.


It would simply cause chaos if everyone ran to the Ombud for Short Term Insurance at the first moment they are a little bit aggrieved at the initial correspondence from their insurer. When complaining to your Insurance Company, it would be helpful if you do so with efficiency and to keep the following in mind:. I have found a bit of a gap in the market and dont know how to fill it. If the other party in the accident was at fault and you try and claim as an individual against their insurer in this case a Delivery Vehicle insured by HCV Insurance , then there seems to be no recourse against them as the Ombudsman can only support you against your own insurance company. They told me all I can do is sue them with the high court, because of the amount and there is no public protectorate for the general public in these cases. Can anyone advise me otherwise.

Every morning we wake up, brush our teeth, eat the breakfast, get to work, lost the sense of time, back to our home, do our things and prepare to sleep again. We are not as ambitious as when we first step into the working world. We have get used to our lives, living day in and day out, without really thinking about how we truly want to live. Without knowing whether if this is the life that we truly wanted to have. This is what is happening to you right now, there are a lot of things you need to do. And here are the 47 ways how to feel alive and happy again….

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I think that the reason why it annoys the hell out of me so much is because I used to be the living, breathing poster child for this miserable trait on a daily basis. There used to be a time in the not-so-distant past where I would complain about anything and everything to anyone who had the misfortune of being stuck listening to my constant whining. If something ever went wrong in my life, please trust that I would instantly put a negative spin on it, and then spend the rest of the day or longer complaining about it.
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