Giraffes in danger of quietly disappearing

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giraffes in danger of quietly disappearing

Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith

Librarian note: Older cover edition of 9780349116655.

In 1999 The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency received two Booker Judges Special Recommendations and was voted one of the ‘International Books of the Year and the Millennium by the Times Literary Supplement.

Tears of the Giraffe takes us further into the life of the engaging and sassy Precious Ramotswe, the owner and detective of Botswanas only Ladies detective agency. Among her cases are wayward wives, unscrupulous maids and a challenge to resolve a mothers pain for her son, who is long lost on the African plains. Mma Ramotswes own impending marriage to that most gentlemanly of men, Mr. J. L. B. Matekoni, the promotion of her secretary to the dizzy heights of Assistant Detective and new additions to the Matekoni family, all brew up the most humorous and charmingly entertaining of tales.
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Giraffe extinction: World’s tallest animal endangered, says IUCN - TomoNews

That means the animal faces extinction in the wild in the medium-term future if nothing is done to minimize the threats to its life or habitat.
Alexander McCall Smith

Giraffes in Danger of Becoming Extinct in the Wild: Study

Fifteen years ago there were , giraffes in Africa but now there are fewer than 80,, compared with about , African elephants, according to new research. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Already a member? Log in. Already a subscriber or registered access user? Subscription Notification.

Jump to navigation. Two subspecies of giraffes were recently added to the list of "critically endangered" species for the first time ever, as per athelatest report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN , which administers the world's official endangered species list. The next slots after 'vulnerable' are 'endangered', 'critically endangered', 'extinct in the wild', and 'extinct'. Thus, if we do nothing about it, giraffes could become extinct in the wild in the medium-term future. There are nine subspecies of giraffes.

The world's tallest land mammal is now in danger of becoming extinct in the wild, a global authority on endangered species announced on Thursday. The International Union for Conservation of Nature released its updated annual Red List of Threatened Species, which now labels the iconic giraffe as "vulnerable," after its global population was decimated by as much as 40 percent over the past three decades. Overall, giraffe numbers dipped to 97, in from between , and , in The giraffe, the only mammal whose status changed in this year's list, is under "severe pressure" in some of its core ranges across East, Central and West Africa, the IUCN said. Across the natural world, some plant and animal species have already gone extinct. Another 68 are no longer found in the wild.

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All rights reserved. Numbers of the famous African animal have fallen by nearly half in the past 15 years, prompting urgent—and sometimes risky—actions to help. Giraffe researcher Julian Fennessy recently boarded a helicopter in Ethiopia 's Gambella National Park , which borders the turbulent new nation of South Sudan. His mission: To collar giraffes and collect tissue samples from the animals, which have been rapidly disappearing from Africa in what Fennessy calls a "silent extinction. After successfully handling one of the Gambella giraffes, Fennessy and his team headed out again in search of another. But as they flew over the park, they spotted cattle—and herders armed with AKs.


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  1. Despite their stature as the tallest land animal on earth, and status as one of the most iconic and beloved species in the world, giraffes have been quietly disappearing from the landscape at an alarming rate with little fanfare in what conservationists have dubbed a "silent extinction.

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