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book covers for softcover books

Book Cover Book Lists

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Published 06.02.2019

How I Cover/Protect Paperback Books

Adhesive Book Covers

A paperback , also known as a softcover or softback , is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. In contrast, hardcover or hardback books are bound with cardboard covered with cloth. The pages on the inside are made of paper. Inexpensive books bound in paper have existed since at least the 19th century in such forms as pamphlets , yellowbacks , dime novels , and airport novels. In the U. Paperback editions of books are issued when a publisher decides to release a book in a low-cost format. Cheaper, lower quality paper; glued rather than stapled or sewn bindings; and the lack of a hard cover may contribute to the lower cost of paperbacks.

Perhaps you have a juicy paperback that you don't want others to know that you are reading,or you want to protect your paperback's covers from damage, or you just don't like the look of the cover artwork? Here's a way to turn that paperback into a "hardcover" using materials that you probably already have around the house. To create this article, 25 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 5 references. This article has also been viewed , times.

Handle Your Books Hygienically

Perfect-bound books, known colloquially as soft-cover books, usually have covers that are trimmed flush with the text pages all the way around the book: head, foot, and face trim everything but the spine. Perfect-bound books can have covers with flaps. These books look like a cross between perfect-bound books and hard-cover books with printed book jackets. The look is quite elegant. The thing to remember is that the cover, with the flaps folded down, cannot be exactly flush with the text pages.

The post continues the Book Construction Blueprint , a series of posts providing reliable guidance to anyone taking on the construction of a book that must conform to generally-accepted practice. Now we turn to our final topic, the covers and jackets of books and their function. All books by their nature have a cover. We categorize book covers into hardcover and softcover , but they are better referred to as casebound and paperbound. A trade hardcover book is a bookblock the interior pages taken together glued, or sewn and glued, into a case , constructed of laminated cardboard and covered with cloth or paper. Casebound books are sometimes issued with paper covers, or case wraps that are printed to identify them and also to act as advertisements for the book, establishing a mood or carrying commercial messages and endorsement designed to appeal to potential buyers.

Softcover books paperbacks play a vital, though sometimes underappreciated, role in library service. The lower cost of softcover books can help a library provide more total resources by stretching the budget a bit and many excellent works are initially published in softcover form in order to reduce the cost of publication. If they are allowed to wear and become unusable or simply unattractive prematurely, the initial cost savings will be erased. There exists a wide variety of products designed to protect softcover materials and extend their useful life. This post will deal with several offered by Demco as those are most familiar to me. The products you select to protect specific softcover books will depend upon the value of the book, the amount of use you anticipate it will receive and how long you expect it to remain in your collection.

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