Losing feelings for my girlfriend

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losing feelings for my girlfriend

Loss Of Love Quotes (181 quotes)

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Published 11.02.2019

Girlfriend Losing Interest and Pulling Away

Why you could suddenly lose feelings for your partner and what to do about it

In a relationship, it's sometimes possible to feel as though you've suddenly lost feelings for your partner. In some cases, it's difficult to figure out why this has happened and what to do about it. INSIDER spoke to relationship experts about why how you feel about your partner could have suddenly changed and what you may want to do moving forward. She said sometimes people may be surprised that these sort of differences don't come up earlier in a relationship even though they seem like immediate deal breakers. She explained that early on in a relationship it's important to see "your partner for who they are from the start and avoid ignoring potential problems or 'red flags. Your feelings, or lack of them, could have been building up over time. McCullough said having an open conversation with your partner is the first thing you should do once you begin to process your newfound feelings.

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As we all know, long-term relationships are never usually the same as it was in the beginning. All the newness and novelty wears off in time, and for some, that can mean interest fades as well. It can be difficult to tell that you've lost interest in your partner if you still love them. But just because you may still have feelings, it doesn't mean you're invested in the relationship. According to her, people often lose interest in long-term partners when one person outgrows or out-matures the other. Basically, when a couple's goals or desires in life are no longer aligned, one person will quickly lose interest in trying to bring the other person back into alignment and "they will eventually seek out someone who has a parallel outlook on the future.

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  1. I broke up with my girlfriend believing that our relationship wasn't going to help us grow as people, feeling that I had lost my excitement when it comes to talking.

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