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red coat like pretty little liars

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Pretty Little Liars -Alison is Alive & Red Coat- "Grave New World" 4x13 [HALLOWEEN Special]

Pretty Little Liars: Red Coat returns

And what they discovered was shocking, to say the least. Alison was there in the flesh, and looked shocked that the PLL were shocked. Um what?! The episode ended with an even bigger "Pretty Little Liars" reveal, after multiple seasons of speculation, Red Coat dropped her hood and revealed her identity, it was none other than Alison. The liars have been searching for the real identity of Red Coat for the past 4 seasons, and after learning that Alison didn't really die they have been frantically searching for her as well. So what exactly does the Halloween episode mean for Season 4? Well it pretty much sets up the whole plot line, the Liars now know that Alison is alive and is Red Coat, but they still don't know why.

Anyone who's ever watched "Pretty Little Liars" and is a fan of the show, like my mom and oldest sister has, must recognize the young woman with the red ensemble who basically goes by "Red Coat". However, if you're looking to dress like this iconic character but don't have a actual red trenchcoat or are looking for an idea for a last minute Halloween costume, this is the one for you! This DIY costume idea along with a make-up tutorial shows you how to do a tone-down version of the ironically red character without worrying about pricing and looking too much like the character itself, but still getting the character's actual vibe! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

After six seasons of suspicion and intrigue, I think my Pretty Little Liars senses may be starting to dull. And I only have PLL to blame for it. In the latest twist of events, it appears that sweet photographer Clark, whom I first—and wrongly—identified as void of a malicious bone in his body, may have a hidden agenda in relation to A. Do you even have parents, Clark? Matthew, who reminded me quite a bit of Wren, gave Spencer and Hanna a handsome face to the Carissimi Group. But more than that, he looked a hell of a lot like Jason a fact that was totally lost on me until they mentioned it out loud, as I am clearly numb to everything this show throws at me anymore.

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Pretty Little Liars - Red Coat / The Black Widow Revealed 6x10

Bring Down the Hoe. Game Over, Charles. Alison DiLaurentis is revealed to wear the red coat as a disguise in order to hide from "A" and from the people who can recognise her in Rosewood. The "A" Red Coat is shown to be a female in a red trench coat wearing the hood up , black leggings, black gloves and black pistol boots. She is also sometimes shown sporting red nail polish when not wearing gloves. Red Coat is always seen with long, wavy, golden blonde hair, which may he her real hair or it may be a wig. This is probably because of A's obsession with Alison.

During its seven seasons airing on Freeform, "Pretty Little Liars" became known for its twisted plot lines, intense cliffhangers, and statement-making style. Though the four main protagonists — Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna —were in high school when the show started, their style was not what you'd expect from a teen show. Each character has a very distinct sense of style, which evolves as the girls mature. Aria is the bold one, always mixing up prints and textures, and never without statement jewelry. Spencer is always preppy, wearing lots of tailored pieces, collared shirts, and sweaters. Emily likes to keep it casual, often seen in canvas jackets, flannel shirts, and Converse sneakers.

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