Shadow vs sonic who would win

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shadow vs sonic who would win

Who would win in a footrace? Answers: The Flash, Sonic the Hedgehog... Poll

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Published 26.02.2019

Who Would Win: The Flash vs. Super Sonic

I blindly followed some random, obviously evil dude's orders, destroyed a conveniently empty city, completely betrayed Sonic's trust, and used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to destroy the Earth, all to get my memories back. What other choice did I have? Besides ask Sonic or anyone else about my past at any time?

Shadow the Hedgehog vs Silver The Hedgehog | Who would win?

Woah a feature!! More is without a doubt coming very soon! But leaves me some. Well guys the vote is in and Sonic v Sonic battles have won! But dont worry guys who voted for other characters outside of the Sonic universe cause I want toat least give that a chance!

I remember watching that when I was 11 and hoping for something to happen so badly that was cool Shadow in the comics: Shadow attempts to take on Enerjak but is easily out powered until he removes his compressor. Once he does he starts to almost match him in power and starts ripping apart the entire city. Sonic and to go Super Sonic to go toe to toe with Energjak while Shadow just had to stop holding back. Depends on the continuity. If the game continuity, Sonic, as he's beat them both in Sonic Generations.

Sep 9, votes. Shadow of course. Sonic obviously. Shouldn't you be working on comics? See More by Gigi-D. Eggman dabbing.

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