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frontier house where are they now

Frontier House by Simon Shaw

Go west with PBS in this behind-the-scenes look at the television series that sent modern-day Americans back in time to the harsh frontier of 1880s Montana.

Frontier House

Americas period of westward expansion has long captured the imagination of history buffs and adventurous spirits; the era seems to embody the very daring enterprise that made America what it is today. As a result, frontier life has often been romanticized in television and film. But all of that changed with PBSs Frontier House.

Bringing the trials and triumphs of nineteenth-century homesteaders to life in a way we might never have imagined, Frontier House re-creates life in the wilderness for three households of spirited twenty-first-century Americans and documents their six-month experience for television.

Roughing it on their allotted plots of land while all of America watches, these brave souls relinquish grocery stores, microwaves, and plumbing in favor of raising chickens, churning butter, and outhouses. Gone are all the modern amenities theyre accustomed to. In their place: just the will to do whatever it takes to survive.

Covering the inception of the show, the historical basis for the lifestyle re-created, the selection of the participants, the logistical challenges of production, and the impact of this experiment on the participants -- along with profiles of actual nineteenth-century homesteaders -- Frontier House is a first-rate companion to one of the most innovative and fascinating reality shows of our time.

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Though Frontier House is dramatic, at times even harrowing, Shaw bristles at any They looked for engaging, sincere, but otherwise ordinary folks with whom viewers could . Now that she is Laura, in effect, Erinn says the scripts need work .
Simon Shaw

Another Time, Another Place: A Director's View of 'Frontier House'

All of this was found using Google and publicly available information. Still married and awesome. I wonder if their Frontier House skills are helping them live minimally! Find more on their official Facebook fan page run by Kristen. Our controversial Karen looks amazing and appears to be pretty happy. Her daughter, Erinn, is gorgeous and seems pretty normal.

The series followed three family groups that agreed to live as homesteaders did in the state of Montana on the American frontier in Each family was expected to establish a homestead and complete the tasks necessary to prepare for the harsh Montana winter. At the end of the series, each family was judged by a panel of experts and historians on their likelihood of survival for each group. The success of The House which aired in and The s House which aired in inspired PBS to commission a similar historical reality television series set in the United States. Sloan Foundation , and British public service broadcaster Channel 4. More than 5, families applied to be on the show.

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When 9-year-old Logan Patton started getting headaches, it created something of a dilemma for the producers of Frontier House, a six-part series scheduled to begin airing on PBS stations April In May Shaw recruited three modern families to live in one-room cabins for five months in backcountry Montana—without electricity, ice, running water, telephones or toilet paper.

It caught their whining side, complaining side, feuding side and cheating side. That part, or at least most of it, said Clune, is somewhere on an editing-room floor. Certainly, based on the six hours televised, PBS audiences in general have taken a powerful dislike to the Clunes, casting the wealthy clan as the overprivileged Black Hats in an unfolding western drama. Since the show aired earlier this month, viewers have blasted the family on Web sites and in chat rooms and have delivered a bountiful harvest of mean-spirited mail. Still smarting from such reactions, Gordon and Adrienne Clune have been reluctant to expose themselves to media scrutiny again, particularly shielding their children, whom they want to return to normal life as much as possible in the wake of national publicity. Nevertheless, the couple recently agreed to talk about the pioneer experiment and their homecoming to modern life over a late breakfast at a coffee shop in their old La Canada neighborhood.

Jump to navigation. Land in the American West was once advertised as free for the taking. Under the Homestead Act of , nearly two million families came to settle virgin territory—the frontier. Could 21st century pioneers endure the hardships of the past? How would this experience compare to films and television programs such as Little House on Prairie? The year in which our families would live was , when the railroad linked the East and West, and the location selected was the Montana Territory, the most homesteaded region in America, where over three million acres of land was claimed.

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  1. There wasn’t too much on the Clune children publicly available, but here is what they look like now: fronteir house Frontier House pbs historical reality reality reality tv tv television era house. Frontier House Update: Mark Glenn.

  2. Now he's back, trying to get as close to his experience as possible. ? “I think they came back to haunt some of us,” Glenn said. Living like sodbusters. Frontier House took three families and turned them into.

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