I am thankful for veterans

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i am thankful for veterans

Veterans Quotes (83 quotes)

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Published 05.02.2019

November 12, 2017 AM - Thankful for Veterans

Earlier this year, I was party to one of the most beautiful, simple and profound acts of gratitude I have seen, in the form of a dog kiss.

Day 7: I am Thankful for Our Veterans

Many people say it when they see a veteran, "Thank you for your service. On Veteran's Day, I hope we all take the time to stop and say a prayer for those who have defended our freedom over the years and the family's of the veterans who have sacrificed as well. At the end of the movie a soulful song was sung. Here are some of the lyrics:. So on the day immediately following Veteran's Day, I would like to offer a great big "thank you" to all those who have defended the freedom of this wonderful nation!

You were probably bombarded with Veterans Day ads and your social media accounts exploded thanking veterans near and far for their service to their country. When we thank our veterans, we are thankful for all the things they have done for our country.
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What If There Was Nothing to be Thankful For?

Thankful For Our Veterans

Perhaps everyone thinks they have the answer to this inquiry. Thank you for teaching me to be self-sufficient. That tiny town was the place I first explored my independence. It was only me, an empty 3-bedroom house, and a little dog, but I thrived and kept our home going while waiting for his return. Thank you for teaching me not to squander time. Thank you for teaching me to be strong. The hardest thing in the world I have ever had to do was watch my husband kneel in front of me to kiss my six-month-pregnant belly, knowing he would not be there for the birth of our first baby.

Posted on Nov 11, 0 comments. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate all of our soldiers, both living and past, for providing a safe environment for us to live in. We simply would not be able to enjoy our freedoms, our way of life, without the hard work and sacrifice that our soldiers have made for us and our great country. So, in honor of each one of our Veterans, here is a list I have put together of the reasons to be thankful for our veterans. So the next time you see a veteran, thank them. If you pass by one who is going through a difficult time, help them however you can.

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