Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free

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forgiveness is setting a prisoner free

Lewis B. Smedes Quotes (Author of Forgive and Forget)

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Published 01.03.2019

Adrian Rogers: The Freedom of Forgiveness [#2422]

Many of us go through life carrying a grudge, anger, hurt, or disappointment about things that happened during our childhood or at some point in our adult lives.

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August 21, by besilentbestill. Dr Lewis Smede is a retired teacher and pastor who has given a lot of thought to forgivness and the restoration it can bring to the human life. Byock—believes we all need say to each other. I forgive you, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. There is a reason it begins with forgiveness. Over time, the anger we can feel turns in to a bitterness that squeezes any joy out of the human soul.

Forgiveness is clearly a voluntary action. After someone deeply hurts us, forgiveness is something we choose to do when we are ready to move on or when the love in our hearts speaks louder than temporary hate. In a world where being out for revenge seems to be more at hand, and appears to bring more satisfaction, they say it takes courage and strength to do it. But maybe if we would take a break from finding the perfect plan to get revenge and thought about the benefits of forgiving others and ourselves, we would become better and happier. Forgiveness is about letting go of the past, understanding and moving on. Here are 21 forgiveness quotes that inspire change and a healthy way of thinking. The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

The jailer sat by the prison cell door. He glumly looked at the man inside, who abruptly turned his head away and folded his arms. The thick stone walls afforded only a tiny window that peeked out to the surrounding world. The jailer sighed and turned away. He went about his duties and carried on with his day, while the prisoner languished in his cell.

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There is almost nothing in the world that can quite give us the feeling that we can get than that of bestowing forgiveness on someone. That when you do so, you feel as if your light as a feather. And your enemy no longer has a choke hold on you. You feel as if you were the one that is liberated and set free. Instead of feeling that we set the enemy free.

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This article originally appeared in the January 7 , issue of Christianity Today. T wo anxieties dominate most of our lives. We are anxious in the face of our unchangeable past; we long to recreate segments of our private histories, but we are stuck with them. We are anxious in the face of our unpredictable futures; we long to control our destinies, but we cannot bring them under our management. Thus, two basic longings, lying at the root of most others, are frustrated: we cannot alter a painful past or control a threatening future.

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