The high cost of free parking

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the high cost of free parking

The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald C. Shoup

American drivers park for free on nearly ninety-nine percent of their car trips, and cities require developers to provide ample off-street parking for every new building. The resulting cost? Today we see sprawling cities that are better suited to cars than people and a nationwide fleet of motor vehicles that consume one-eighth of the worlds total oil production. Donald Shoup contends in The High Cost of Free Parking that parking is sorely misunderstood and mismanaged by planners, architects, and politicians. He proposes new ways for cities to regulate parking so that Americans can stop paying for free parkings hidden costs.
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Published 05.03.2019

How highways wrecked American cities

The High Cost of Free Parking

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This book would have benefited from being run through a slicer; it is too long by about 3x. There is a lot of good information in here, but the constant repetition does not help, and the book begins Donald Shoup convincingly makes the case that "free" parking distorts people's transportation choices towards making single-occupancy auto trips over the alternatives walking, biking, busing, etc The High Cost of Free Parking. Donald C. Off-street parking requirements are devastating American cities.

Download the PDF. Sharelines Parking requirements raise housing costs and reduce density. Ask anyone to define a livable city. Some will say clean air and safe streets. Others will mention good restaurants, affordable housing, pleasant parks, or less traffic congestion. Almost everywhere, people expect free parking.

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It deals with the costs of free parking policies on society. It is structured as a criticism of how parking is planned and regulated, especially the use of parking minimums and off-street parking requirements. It is influenced by Shoup's Georgist philosophy and recommends that parking be built and allocated according to its fair market value. It was originally published in by the American Planning Association and the Planners Press and a revised edition was released in also published by Routledge. The High Cost of Free Parking begins with discussing the history of automobiles and parking and how vehicle ownership rates have steadily increased over time. Shoup argues the parking is a classic tragedy of the commons problem where drivers compete over scarce public parking spaces and consume time and resources searching for them. Shoup then criticizes how the Institute of Transportation Engineers determines parking generation rates, the amount of parking needed for certain land uses, for extrapolating based on limited data and for not accounting for other factors such as public transportation which he argues leads to inaccurate rates.

Donald Shoup brilliantly overcame the challenge of writing about parking without being boring in his iconoclastic page book The High Cost of Free Parking. Easy to read and often entertaining, the book showed that city parking policies subsidiz One of the American Planning Association's most popular and influential books is finally in paperback, with a new preface from the author on how thinking about parking has changed since this book was first published. In this no-holds-barred treati Donald Shoup is like Jane Jacobs. He starts by exposing the blind spot of a generation and then marshals a new generation of urbanists to make things right.

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  1. The High Cost of Free Parking is a non-fiction urban planning book by UCLA professor Donald Shoup. It deals with the costs of free parking policies on society .

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