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feelings buried alive never die free download

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die-- by Karol K. Truman

Oh my, horrible book.

First of all, the lack of editing was horrendous. There were mix-ups between its and its, capitalizing of letters to stress a point, weird misspellings . . .

Secondly, the book seemed to claim one thing and then immediately jump to something else without realizing that the one refuted the other.

Third, once I got to the books trick to unburying feelings, I just laughed out loud. It seemed so quacky, I wondered why anyone would do it. Basically, you pray to your body to find the buried feelings behind physical problems, and then you say something like, I want to be confident, I feel like Im confident, I am confident! Wow. Wow. Wow.

Fourth, I can definitely see how emotional problems can lead to physical issues, but some things on the list were ridiculous, like diarrhea being a sign of running away from something, and back pain being a sign of having a heavy burden.

Anyway, skip this one.
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Kaye Sehm Feeling Buried Alive Never Die!

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This book shares enough truth to slide under the radar. It would be wise to avoid this book and books of its kind as well as Brad Nelson's book as noted by the reviewer listed below. Best to spend your time perusing faith promoting books.. Respectfully, I have to disagree with the nurse above. The concepts are also in line with Dr. I would urge anyone who has not been able to truly heal emotional OR physical issues with conventional medical help to please give energy work a try.


Summary: this is a heavy duty psychological excavation of what is secretly running your life… but it is worth reading. Never opened it past the introduction. Hate, anger, the desire to kill. Tears sprung into my eyes, my muscles tensed, I gritted my teeth, and my body was shaking. That used to happen frequently… if I take the time to analyze it: It is the reaction of a powerless victim, an effect, who reacts to the experience of her power just taken away. I knew the woman from being a participant in Peak Potential courses, like myself. The year she published her book, I was, accidentally sitting in the audience next to her brother.

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