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dead prez lets get free songs

Dead Prez Albums: Lets Get Free, Revolutionary but Gangsta, Confidential, Turn Off the Radio: the Mixtape Vol. 1, Soldier 2 Soldier by Books LLC

Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Chapters: Lets Get Free, Revolutionary but Gangsta, Confidential, Turn Off the Radio: the Mixtape Vol. 1, Soldier 2 Soldier, Cant Sell Dope Forever. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 28. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publishers book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Lets Get Free is the debut album by the political hip hop duo dead prez, released on February 8, 2000 on Loud Records. Critically acclaimed upon its first release, Lets Get Free was called a return to politically conscious rap and, the most politically conscious rap since Public Enemy; the duos messages also earned them favorable comparisons with Brand Nubian and X-Clan. The albums lyrics, performed in front of sparse beats that many critics derided as a dull musical backdrop are startlingly direct, militant and confrontational. M-1 and excoriate the media, the music industry, politicians and poverty, and rap about Afrocentrism and Black Power. Rolling Stone gave the album four stars and lauded its equation of classrooms with jail cells, the projects with killing fields and everything from water to television with conduits for brainwashing by the system. The record opens with a speech by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, of the InterNational Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement, describing a method of hunting which lures wolves to suicide, and makes the analogy to self-destruction fueled by crack in the black community. The duos radical pan-Africanism is brought up a notch on the albums first rap, Im a African, which contains the lyric Im a African/Never was a African-American. The same song explains their musical stance as somewhere between N.W.A. and P.E., referring to the two major hip-hop groups of late 1980s hip hop, West Coasts N.W.A., and East Coasts Public Enemy. They Schools assaults the dominan...http: //
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dead prez - Hip Hop (Official Video)

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Rap duo dead prez exploded on the hip-hop scene 15 years ago like a Molotov cocktail. Together M-1 and Stic. Dreadlocked and militant, the MCs tackled mass incarceration, school indoctrination, and Black socialist liberation. A and P. In the greenroom, Stic.

While modern rap as a whole may have lost touch its roots as protest music, there are still a handful of artists who go out of their way to educate and instigate the masses, railing against social injustices and teaching the next generation about the wicked ways of the government. M-1 and stic. They are unapologetically pro-Black, which, like X-Clan or Paris before them, has prompted some to cry "racist," though ironically their fanbase is significantly pale. On their own, some of the lyrics could be considered a bit heavy-handed, but together with the top-flight, extremely varied production from Lord Jamar, Hedrush, and DP themselves , it comes off just right. Be sure to check the adrenaline-boosting anthem "Hip-Hop," the Afro-hippie natural love jam "Mind Sex," and the furiously ethnocentric, electro-laced "I'm A African. Listen on Apple Music. Apple Music Preview.

Stic and M1, who make up the duo Dead Prez, see themselves as hip-hop freedom fighters following in the footsteps of the Black Panthers, always gearing up for the inevitable struggle.
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Lets Get Free (2000)

Yet the disputatious duo of SticMan and M1 would be an oddity on any label, as they shoulder the burden of revitalizing a genre problack which has been seemingly erased from the collective consciousness. Taking social activism to new heights, Dead Prez are the most revolutionary hip-hop group to emerge since Public Enemy lost their audience and N. A disbanded. SticMan and M1 chronicle a broad range of politically pressing issues which pertain to the black community -- from the inadequacies of inner-city public schooling "They Schools" to socially repressive bureaucracies "Police State". But Dead Prez are more then just agenda and rhetoric; the group's topical diversity is equally inspiring, seamlessly shifting from the mind-pillaging "Psychology" into the conversational foreplay of "Mind Sex. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Reviewer Rating. User Rating. With all the terrible indie hip-hop coming out nowadays, I figured I'd write a review for a rap group that actually has something to say. Although since this release Dead Prez has signed to a major label, changed a lot as people, and seen a decline in the quality of their music, it doesn't change the fact that Lets Get Free is one of the best rap albums out there. A lot of you may have even heard Dead Prez before and not even known it; I've noticed that their '99 single "It's Bigger Than Hip Hop" is used as background music on "Chapelle Show" on at least a couple of episodes. Anyways, Dead Prez is two guys from Florida who are pissed as all fucking hell at just about everyone, but mostly white people.

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  1. Let's Get Free is the debut studio album by hip-hop duo dead prez. It was released March 14, The song "Hip-Hop" was used in EA's video game Skate. "I'm a African"" (Additional Vocals by Indo and Abu), Hedrush & dead prez, "The Pistol" (featuring Maintain of Illegal Tendencies), Lord Jamar & dead prez, 4:

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