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as long as she needs me

Be the Dad She Needs You to Be: The Indelible Imprint a Father Leaves on His Daughters Life by Kevin Leman

Overall: you can read everything you need from this book in the library in 10 minutes, just flip through and read the high note boxes.

Another book from a list of Must Read Books for the Christian Dad and yet another failure. As with All Pro Dad, I am not a big fan of books written like they are for dummies. Acrostics and sidebar notes abound in this book in order to help you (the lazy, stupid man) ferret out the main points and cherry-pick what you are supposed to remember and report back to your wife, whom he assumes is making you read his work. Written in the style of a bathroom reader (you know the books your wife buys and places on the back of the toilet for you to read whilst on your throne) Be the Dad She Needs You to Be restates the obvious points over and over and over again. Want to be a good Dad to your daughter? Show up, listen, be loving, but dont pander or spoil. Boom! Now you dont need to read the book!

The reason this book received two stars instead of one, apart from there not being a way to 1.5-star this gem, is because Kevin Leman actually says something. Through all of the one sentence paragraphs, bullet points list, and boxed main points on almost every page, Leman takes a stand and tells how he raised his four daughters and the fruits of his labor. The book is pretty shallow, but at least he doesnt quote his daughters calling him a terrible father (once again, see All Pro Dad).

Other annoying traits of this book:
1) The author restating how he is famous, People stop me and ask me to speak at their event, but I had to say no because that day is my daughters birthday.
2) The author referencing his other books, Testimonial: Thanks for your other groundbreaking, amazing life changing books, but I have this question. or I love your conferences, but I have this question.
3) The author acknowledging readers who are women reading to their man or men who are being required by their wife to read it. If you wont pander to your daughters, then why pander to your mostly woman audience?
4) You can glean everything you need from this book by reading all the high note boxes on every other page.
5) If you read the back cover, you have read the book.

I would recommend this book to: no one.
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As Long As She Needs Me

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