Jim rogers stock market prediction

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jim rogers stock market prediction

Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the Worlds Best Market by Jim Rogers

This is a limited supply copy of the hardcover book personally autographed by the author. Get your copy of this collectible item, autographed by the legendary Jim Rogers himself!According to Jim Rogers, commodities get no respect. Here are a few reasons why he thinks they should: they are easier to comprehend and study than stocks and behave more rationally since they are subject to the basic laws of supply and demand; they have outperformed many other investment options in recent years; it is foolish to ignore an entire sector of the marketplace; and a bull market is currently under way in commodities--a trend that Rogers expects to last for a least a decade longer. Further, Rogers believes that you cannot be a successful investor in stocks, bonds, or currencies without an understanding of commodities. Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the Worlds Best Market is designed to introduce the novice to the basics of investing in commodities as well as explain what they are and why they are important. In doing so, he shatters some myths about the relative risks of commodities, explains the relationship between the stock and commodities markets, and provides a succinct analysis and history of the global oil, gold, lead, sugar, and coffee markets. Rogers also offers practical advice and information for beginners, including the best resources, how to read the commodities reports in the newspaper or on television, the various ways to open an account, information on index funds (such as Rogers own index fund that he started in 1998), mechanisms, terminology, and other vital details people must know before investing. Clearly written and entertaining, Hot Commodities offers a solid introduction to investments that many people, including financial advisors, fail to give the proper respect. --Shawn Carkonen
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Jim Rogers: The Coming Global Financial Crisis Will Be The Worst In Our Lifetime

Jim Rogers on US Economic Crisis, Gold & Bitcoin In this edition of our podcast Trading Global Markets Decoded, our host The stock has skyrocketed from 3, won in May after the company ventured into graphene business. .. Rogers said that he's unable to predict where the price of bullion will be.
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American investor Jim Rogers warns of severe economic downturn and forecasts grim future for Japan

Posted by Eugene Townes May 14, Markets. On a recent call with ETMarkets. Via Economic Times:. I am not investing in US stock market because I expect problems to come in the next year or two. I am not buying shares. In the US market, some of the stocks like Apple and Google go up every day. They never go down, which is a dangerous sign in any stock markets.

Prominent American investor Jim Rogers has warned in a new book that the He predicted that U.S. President Donald Trump will ramp up trade wars in Minister Shinzo Abe's push to rejuvenate the shrinking labor market.
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Jim Rogers All Money going Digital : Japan Conference 12 Sept 2019 .

Access insights and guidance from our Wall Street pros. Find the product that's right for you. Daniela Cambone: The trade war talk and narrative between us and China has taken center stage. How do you think this plays out? Is there a resolution?

He predicted that U. President Donald Trump will ramp up trade wars in earnest to boost his re-election bid in as the economy slows down. Rogers jointly established a commodity fund known as the Quantum Fund with influential investor George Soros in the s. Rogers also portrays a stark future for Japan in the book, pointing to mounting debt, a rapidly dwindling population and a reluctance to embrace immigration. Abe, however, has refused to characterize this as immigration policy, in an apparent attempt to appease part of his conservative base. Rogers is known for making provocative statements. He has persistently made a case for investing in North Korea, predicting in the book that South and North Korea will be unified and describing the Korean Peninsula as the hottest place for investment.

This post first appeared on A Wealth of Common Sense. There used to be traveling medicine shows where the salesperson would make promises of magic elixirs that would heal all wounds. A charlatan has also been described as someone who professes to have abilities or expertise that they do not have. Normal investors could be excused for seeing a headline like this and running for the hills. It has to be true! One of my loyal readers sent me the following this week to put this scary headline into perspective:.

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