King charles viii france illness

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king charles viii france illness

Quote by Carl Zimmer: “In 1494, King Charles VIII of France invaded It...”

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History of France: The Wars of Italy--Charles VIII (1483-1498) part 1

Charles VI of France

Struggles for control during his minority and his attempt to conquer Naples were detrimental to France's political and economic life. He was only 13 when he succeeded his talented and ambitious father, Louis XI, and his older sister Anne de Beaujeu served as regent during the early years of his reign. At this time the most important problem facing Charles was the virtual independence of the duchy of Brittany, the last of the powerful feudal principalities whose independent policies seriously threatened the political stability of 15th-century France. In Charles annexed Brittany by marrying Anne of Brittany, who had inherited the duchy from her father on his death in This marriage brought the last of the independent principalities under control of the Crown. By this time Charles was free of the regency's influence, but he was at best ill-equipped to deal with the great difficulties of ruling.

The French invasion of Italy in is widely seen as the beginning of the end of the Italian Renaissance. The French army marched through Italy with only minimal resistance. The invasion had a profound impact on Italian society and politics. The invasion of Charles VII changed the development of Italy and can be considered one of the primary reasons the Renaissance ended. The French Invasion was to lead to a series of wars that greatly weakened the Italian City-States, prompted a greater role for Spain in the peninsula and eventually led to the domination of Italy by the Spanish Monarchy. The Pope has long claimed that Naples was a fiefdom of the Papacy. Ferdinand was an unusually cruel and brutal prince even for the times, refused and this led to a conflict with the Papacy.

Charles VIII, called the Affable was King of France from to his death in . He succeeded his father Louis XI at the age of His elder sister Anne acted.
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The marriage of Charles and Anne had been celebrated in December , less than a year before the Dauphin's birth. It had begun unhappily, with the new Queen resenting the marriage forced upon her and the political dominance of her sister-in-law, Anne, Duchess of Bourbon. Her pregnancy was thus greeted with special joy by her, as well as by the King and the people, for the depleted elder branch of the House of Valois depended on a male heir. Accordingly, Anne spent her pregnancy at ease, given the devoted attention of her husband who ensured that she would not be tired out or subject to unnecessary travel. The Queen went into labour on the night of 10 October and was swiftly attended to by the royal doctors and midwives.

The only son of Louis XI and Charlotte of Savoy, Charles showed no aptitude for government at the time of his accession: he was in poor health and of poor intelligence. Though he was legally of age, the government in the first years of his reign was in the hands of a regency comprising his sister Anne and her husband Pierre de Bourbon, seigneur de Beaujeu. The motive for these cessions was to free his hands for his grand enterprise, an expedition to Italy to assert the right to the kingdom of Naples that he had inherited from the Angevins. This absurd ambition inaugurated a series of Italian wars lasting more than 50 years and gaining the French kings only momentary glory in return for a vast outlay of men and money. Having borrowed money left and right to raise a great army, Charles crossed Italy unopposed in without suspecting that he was leaving enemies behind him. Charles entered Naples in triumph on Feb.

As heir to the French throne, his older brothers having died before he was born, Charles had the title Dauphin of France. At his father's death on 16 September , he inherited the throne of France. His coronation took place on 4 November , at Reims Cathedral. During his minority, France was ruled by Charles' uncles, as regents. Although the royal age of majority was 14 the " age of accountability " under Roman Catholic canon law , Charles terminated the regency only at the age of

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