Does this bring me joy

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does this bring me joy

Marie Kondo Quotes (Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)

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Published 12.03.2019

Mary J Blige - You Bring Me Joy

Are you tired of Marie Kondo’s ‘does it spark joy’ question? Here are 5 other ways to declutter

Go through everything. Take my laundry detergent, for instance. Or toothpicks. So I keep them. Case in point: instruction manuals. I seriously had like 50 instruction manuals for every appliance, gadget and electronic in our house. If I need to know how to use something, I just look online.

How to Start Using the KonMari Method

I first heard about Marie Kondo in A perpetually grumpy software engineer I knew would proudly carry her book around and talk about how much it was changing his life.

Decluttering guru Marie Kondo may be the inspiration for millions of Americans to clean the house and ditch unused swag. But how do you get rid of stuff that you love and has so many emotional connections to family and friends? Clothes and even books may be easier to ditch, but what about those letters from your parents and birthday cards from your beloved children? On the other hand, donating the books will mean that other people can read them. See: Marie Kondo says this one thing could be holding you back from falling in love. Thrift stores have been flooded with sellers hoping to shed unwanted belongings, partially because of the show, owners say.

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  1. You then pick up and hold an item and ask yourself one simple question: Does this bring me joy? What I realized in my bedroom as I faced my giant clothing pile .

  2. Stories from Marie and our community that spark joy and celebrate the KonMari lifestyle. my grandmother showed me how to do things with intention and care.

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