Emotional scars are impossible to heal

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emotional scars are impossible to heal

Scar Quotes (73 quotes)

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Published 12.03.2019

Really Healing Emotional Scars/Wounds After a Traumatizing or Malignant Narcissist Relationship

3 Strategies for Healing Emotional Scars

People widely accept and believe that early childhood fears and events deeply impact us as adults. However, most people also exclude themselves from this "rule. But, this isn't true. All of us have early influences that stick with us today, and you are no exception. Traumatic events in our early lives effect us cognitively the ability to think and use the brain , behaviorally, emotionally, socially and physically today. Some people cannot remember their childhood traumas, and must revisit the past. Many adults and parents think of childhood as the simplest time in life.

Physical scars heal. The scar I had that almost killed me when I was young healed a long time ago, I can still see it but it is not painful. It is much harder to recover from emotional scars than from physical ones. Recovering from a bankruptcy for instance is not easy. Emotional wounds can be far more crippling than a physical injury.

An article touching on the impact that emotional wounds have on the individual and the people with whom they interact. Two Buddhist monks return to their monastery after the rains. They reach a swollen river and in front of them is an extremely beautiful lady in a delicate silk kimono, distressed because she is unable to cross the river by herself. So, the older monk scoops her up, carries her safely to the other side and the two monks continue on their way in silence. Five hours later, as the two monks reach their destination, the younger monk, literally fuming, bursts out, "How could you do it? Many of us hold on to events, thoughts, mindsets, and trauma long after it has become evident we are being still being damaged long after the event has occurred. This month, I will speak briefly on emotional trauma and ways to identify and address it.

Did you know that when we feel emotional pain, the same areas of our brains get activated when we feel physical pain?
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We respect your privacy. Somewhere between birth and death lies a bumpy road. As a child, I endured 10 years of sexual abuse, leaving me with layers of emotional scars. As an adult, I spent six years in therapy revealing and healing those scars. Having coping strategies that address my depression, anxiety, and anger has helped me develop into an author and professional speaker, and to help others on their healing journey. Here are three strategies that were my catalysts for change.

Emotional wounds from the past are also pretty similar to physical wounds. They heal and then scar over. They leave a mark, but they never hurt again. They might re-open, or even get worse. But wanting that to be true and making it that way are two different things.

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  1. People really do receive divine healings for emotional scars that are Abandonment is another hard one to get out of you bones/ system.

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