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how to be a successful woman book

The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women by Valerie Young

Learn to take ownership of your success, overcome self-doubt, and banish the thought patterns that undermine your ability to feel--and act--as bright and capable as others already know you are with this award-winning book by Valerie Young.

Its only because they like me. I was in the right place at the right time. I just work harder than the others. I dont deserve this. Its just a matter of time before I am found out. Someone must have made a terrible mistake.

If you are a working woman, chances are this inter-nal monologue sounds all too familiar. And youre not alone. From the high-achieving Ph.D. candidate convinced shes only been admitted to the program because of a clerical error to the senior executive who worries others will find out shes in way over her head, a shocking number of accomplished women in all ca-reer paths and at every level feel as though they are faking it--impostors in their own lives and careers.

While the impostor syndrome is not unique to women, women are more apt to agonize over tiny mistakes, see even constructive criticism as evi-dence of their shortcomings, and chalk up their accomplishments to luck rather than skill. They often unconsciously overcompensate with crippling perfec-tionism, overpreparation, maintaining a lower pro-file, withholding their talents and opinions, or never finishing important projects. When they do succeed, they think, Phew, I fooled em again.

An internationally known speaker, Valerie Young has devoted her career to understanding womens most deeply held beliefs about themselves and their success. In her decades of in-the-trenches research, she has uncovered the often surprising reasons why so many accomplished women experience this crushing self-doubt.

In The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women, Young gives these women the solution they have been seek-ing. Combining insightful analysis with effective ad-vice and anecdotes, she explains what the impostor syndrome is, why fraud fears are more common in women, and how you can recognize the way it mani-fests in your life.
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Inspirational Books Every Woman Should Read- Valeria Lipovetsky

Success can be defined in a million different ways. Your success could be that you're a business woman who worked herself from the bottom.
Valerie Young

29 Inspirational Books All Women Should Read in Their Lifetime

Elon Musk's is a classic sci-fi trilogy. Jeff Bezos's is an understated novel by a British Nobel laureate. Ask whatever smart and successful person you want, and they'll all be able to tell you about the one book that utterly changed their thinking or the direction of their lives -- the singular title that shaped who they are today. But while male billionaires' reading choices get plenty of press coverage, we hear relatively less about the books that have been most inspirational for super successful, but slightly less high-profile women -- the kinds of books that are most likely to provide similar wisdom and mental nourishment for the generation of leaders coming up behind them. The TED Ideas blog recently aimed to fill that void, soliciting 23 of the organization's female speakers to share the one book that made them who they are today.

The authors range from women of power, entrepreneurs, and even a YouTube star talk about goals. Ellevest is an easy online investing tool using algorithms tailored to your salary, gender, and lifespan aka your real life. Our friends at Ellevest know a lot about how to handle that cash money. The platform is well-designed, easy-to-use, and speaks to our unique financial needs whether that be planning for retirement, that Aussie vacation, or starting a family. The best part? Another big bonus?

Success can be defined in a million different ways. Your success could be that you're a business woman who worked herself from the bottom up. Or it could be that you started a family and couldn't be happier about it. Success could be gaining your master's degree or landing your dream career after years of crappy jobs. You're successful because you worked hard and didn't give up. And successful women are badasses.

Reading an awe-inspiring memoir written by a successful and driven woman can do wonders for your self-esteem.
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1. Nobel-prize winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn

Did you know that the average CEO reads 60 books a year? More than the average reader for sure., I believe that goes for your mind and soul as well. And one of the ways to feed them is by reading.

When we need a major dose of inspiration, career tips, or life advice, there's one place we always turn: books. These humble tomes seem to cure our inner struggles, fuel our inner fire, and open our eyes to change at the flip of every page. They're a therapist in our hand and our go-to for answering the questions we have on our personal and professional journeys. When we're not reading a book which is very rare , we're hunting down in-depth interviews and tips from female leaders. From how they hustled their way to the top to their morning and evening routines , we all want to know what drives their career cogs.

So, while you are busy saving for the motivational seminar of a lifetime or personal coaching to take you to the next level why not dive into this list of 10 Books Every Successful Woman Must Read? As a life-long, certifiable, book-junkie, I have taken the hard work out for you and created my Top Ten list. Written Pre Me-Too and TimesUp, COO of Facebook Sheryl shares personal stories, uses research to shine the light on gender differences, and offers practical advice to help women achieve their goals. Sheryl also just released a Lean in For Graduates which offers advice for young women about getting the most out of a first job. Full disclosure.

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