How to control husbands mind

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how to control husbands mind

Spouse Quotes (142 quotes)

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Powerful Dua to Control Husband

For years I truly believed if I could just get my husband to be tidier, more romantic, and more considerate everything would be fine in our marriage. I thought I was just being helpful, acknowledging how I felt, and being honest. Little did I know I was shooting holes in the bucket of our intimacy. On the road to giving up my controlling ways, I tried to make modifications, tried to be more subtle, even thought I was improving at times with some of the techniques below. But all of it got me to the same lonely spot: wondering why my husband was withdrawn, distant and defensive. For the record, here are all the embarrassing ways—none very effective—that I tried to control my husband:.

Being married is a wonderful feeling but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Here are some ways to make sure that your man stays in control and never wavers to create any difficulties for you. If you want to control him then don't start by "controlling" him When you want to keep a man under control you have to make sure that you don't adopt the controlling attitude. The minute a man feel that his wife is trying to control him he will begin to defy her and hell will break loose. Keep the pressure under check While at times it becomes necessary to put pressure on the husband to get something done or to not do something; it becomes equally necessary to keep this pressure under check. Putting pressure on a man at all times will only force him to rebel against you. Let him feel like he is still free in your relationship Your husband needs to feel that he is not trapped in a maximum security prison when he married you.

Do you feel like every time you open your mouth all your husband hears is white noise? Do you state your opinion but don't feel heard by your spouse? Many women complain about their husbands not listening.
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Mind Control - How To Mind Control Your Man

First there was the Horse Whisperer. Then came the Baby Whisperer, then the Dog Whisperer. Seeing all these whisperers tapping into their extrasensory ability to bond with less communicative creatures, I began to wonder if I could do something similar with my husband. Could delving into his psyche help strengthen our relationship? Or, on a more pragmatic level, could I get him to do what I want without nagging, yelling or being passive-aggressive?

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  1. For years I tried so hard to get my husband to be tidier, more romantic, and more considerate, but I wasn't very successful and our marriage suffered.

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