How to add topics in facebook group

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how to add topics in facebook group

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Published 16.03.2019

How To Use Facebook Group Topics

Facebook Groups Unveil Topics

Facebook groups are small, private online communities where people with shared interests join together to discuss relevant topics. Unlike Facebook pages, which are official representatives of causes, brands, businesses and companies, Facebook groups are informal communities with up to members centering around common interests. A group's Wall posts act like a default message board, where members can post their own discussion topics pertinent to the group. Other members then leave comments on the topic and join in the discussion. If you're a member of a Facebook group, you can easily create your own topics. Click the name of the group to which you'd like to post a discussion topic. You can find the list of groups that you belong to on the left column under your profile tabs.

How to use Facebook Group topics

Facebook Groups have rolled out a new feature still may not be available to all users in which you can now categorize your posts into topics. How exciting is that? Now you can easily find posts related to a certain topic. Step 4: Type in your topic name and click the save button. Step 5: Go back to your menu and search for posts that you want to add to your newly created topic. Step 6: Find a post that you want to add to your topics. Click the save button.

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