How the camel got its hump story

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how the camel got its hump story

How The Camel Got His Hump by Rudyard Kipling

This book is about a camel; at the beginning of times when animals were starting to work for men the camel would not do any work. The story starts with the other animals coming to the camel and asking him to join them but the camel only replies humph and does not join in with the rest of the animals. The animals report back to the man telling him that the camel won’t do any work as a result the man decides that the rest of the animals should do more work in order to make up for the camel’s share of the work. One of the animals then tells the Jinn who then decides to teach the camels a lesson and gives him his very own ‘humph’. The book can be a good way into a discussion about team-work and the story is easy to follow. This book could be used in year 2. I did not find the story particularly interesting however; the illustrations in the book were nice to look at.
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How The Camel Got His Hump

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This is a perfect story for teaching a lesson about working hard and helping others.
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The story is set in Arabia, when the world was new and camels did not have humps. The author tells us about the time when Man was just beginning to learn the art of domesticating animals. There was a Camel that lived in the middle of a desert. He only ate sticks, thorns and prickles for they are the only things available in a desert. The Horse, the Dog and the Ox visited held a panchayat on the edge of the Desert and complained to the Djinn. The Djinn promised to look into the matter and teach the Camel a lesson.

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