How to overcome food addictions and cravings

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how to overcome food addictions and cravings

Food Addiction and Recovery: 10 Ways to Stop Food Cravings by

Stop Food Cravings
Food is good to our body. It is one of the basic needs of human to survive.
But what if foods are consumed not to nourish the body but to satiate a certain craving?
Worse, what if someone gets addicted to a certain food like chocolate and cakes for example?
The worst case scenario when you crave, especially when you crave unhealthy foods,
is you gain weight and develop health problems.
Well, you could actually control your cravings.
Step by step, you could suppress your urge to eat something you should not be eating in excess.
If you have food addiction, you should find a way to get away from it.
If you want to eliminate your cravings, look at the following ways on how you could regulate your cravings.
Here are 10 practical ways to help stop your food cravings quickly and easily.

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Published 20.03.2019

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How to Overcome Food Addiction

It involves binge eating behavior, cravings and a lack of control around foods 1. There are at least 8 symptoms that are typical for food addicts. We decided to run a survey among our readers and ask about each of them. For example, after just downing a nice meal with steak, potatoes and veggies, you may find yourself craving some ice cream for dessert. You see, cravings and hunger aren't the same thing.

What is food addiction

Addiction does not always have to involve an addictive substance or drug. It can involve excessive behavior such as compulsive eating too. To elaborate further, foods do not have addictive properties that make someone depend on them, unlike chemical substances. Food addiction has more to do with how a person behaves around food, what they think about food, and the way habits are formed with food. The habits are the real source of the addiction.

Grab this free email course on how using tiny, daily habits can help you overcome emotional eating, have insane energy, and lose more weight. So why are people still suggesting to use willpower and discipline to fight cravings and beat the addiction to food? And generally, these fall into three broad categories: behavioral shifts like changing your habits and routines. And then nutritional shifts , which involve changing what kinds of foods you eat, and when. These all truly revolve around training your mind in various ways to be more aware.

M any of us live a lifestyle that sets us up for cravings. Our alarm rings and we instantly feel stressed. We run out the door, skipping breakfast, commuting, then spending hours sitting at the computer. Does this sound familiar? This routine sets off our stress hormone, cortisol, and makes us reach for quick fixes like convenient ready-made meals, vending machines, and drive-thrus. Oftentimes, these foods have been manufactured and designed to keep us coming back for more, so the cycle continues.

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