How to please a man in bed cosmo

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how to please a man in bed cosmo

Cosmos Guide to Red-Hot Sex by Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmo’s first three books continue to fly off store shelves—and satisfy the amorous appetites of readers hungry for the kind of fresh, frank, and fun advice found in the magazine each month. Now Cosmo is coming out with its biggest offering to date: Cosmo’s Guide to Red-Hot Sex. It’s a gorgeously designed, 240-page book that tells young women everything they need to know to understand their own sexuality and have a truly fulfilling sexual relationship with the men in their lives.
Divided into four sections—Preplay, Foreplay, the Main Event, and Afterplay—the book reveals secrets to feeling sexier naked, how to make a man ache for you all day, amazing sexual techniques, and the key to taking sex to a deeper, more intimate level.
But make no mistake—this book is not just intended for lusty ladies. There are plenty of sexy tutorials for guys eager to please a woman in bed. Also sprinkled throughout this tantalizing package are tips for dealing with the carnal challenges that are bound to crop up.
Elegant (and tasteful), with an eye-catching cover, lush and sensual color photos, and accessible, instructional graphics, Cosmo’s Guide to Red-Hot Sex looks as if it’s meant for the coffee table. But it’s better suited for the nightstand, since readers will want to keep all of the detailed information compiled here within fast, easy reach.
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Top 10 Sex Tricks That Drive Men Wild

They claim to be simple beasts but men never tell us exactly what they want under the covers so we sent our tame male out to canvas South African men. The brief was clear and straightforward — just like a man wants it. Note: these pointers apply to sex in a relationship of some kind. Getting Started First things first. Men love sex — we all know this — but men want you to love having sex too. And show him. Traditionally men initiate sex.

Cosmo launched in , and has been peddling the same strange mix of empowerment and insecurity ever since. Here, we take a look into the archives and make some cheap jokes about magazine content that was produced before we were even born. Exercise in the Office Take off your bra, ride your desk chair ooh er! Call us cynical, but this whole feature seems to be geared towards getting your boss to bang you. Be the Perfect Wife That means being able to eat and eat and still look sensational, btw.

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