How to make a trial notebook

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how to make a trial notebook

Mauets Trial Notebook by Thomas A. Mauet

When you go to trial, an efficient system of organizational management is crucial. Mauets system is widely relied upon as the one that provides everything you need to prepare logically and efficiently for any kind of case. In the first trial notebook system to include computerized document forms, Mauet makes it easy to:

* Organize your testimony, exhibits, research - everything you need to try your case
* Choose your own categories to assemble all necessary information
* Summarize the motions and filings you must make - and when to make them
* Develop a trial strategy.

Youll have proven, easy-to-use forms (both paper and electronic) for:

* Reviewing legal elements of claims and defenses
* Jury selection
* Exhibits
* Examination of witnesses
* Closing argument and opening statement.

Youll also get the Federal Rules of Evidence, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Procedure - plus Mauets incomparable strategic advice.

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Trial Notebook Full Break Down Of The Facts. Critical 1 on 1 or group. Set it fed suits!

A trial notebook a collection of all the materials the attorney needs at trial is a collection of all the materials the attorney will need at trial.
Thomas A. Mauet

Building a Trial Notebook the Paralegal Way

You should begin preparing your trial notebook from the very beginning of your case. Your ultimate goal in preparing this trial notebook is to have every relevant part of your case organized and crafted into the story you plan to present a judge or jury at trial. If you choose the kind with a clear plastic sheet on the front or back, you can change the cover sheet as needed and reuse the binder for subsequent cases. Paper for a cover sheet. Place the case caption and any other useful information here and slip the cover sheet into the clear plastic sheet on your binder. Colored Tabs. Tabs will help you organize the different sections of your trial binder.

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Be sure to confer with the attorney first and note any special items they would like to add. Give numbers if you represent the plaintiff and letters if you represent the defendant to the evidence you will offer as exhibits or use as demonstrative evidence at trial. Add a description, the witness who will introduce it, and leave columns to check off whether the evidence is either admitted or offered but not admitted. Complete your trial outline. List every issue you need to prove or disprove at trial. Next to each issue write: the numbers or letters of relevant physical evidence; the names of relevant witnesses; any relevant cases or statutes..

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