How to swish a basketball

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how to swish a basketball

Swish: The Quest for Basketballs Perfect Shot by Mark Stewart

From three-pointers to slam dunks, Swish: The Quest for Basketballs Perfect Shot goes beyond the record books and explores all aspects of making a basket. This book features amazing shots, player profiles, and tons of trivia. Authors Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy cover basketball from the late 1800s to modern times, showcasing top male and female players both at the college level and in the pros.
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Perfect Shot (No Basket)

Produced in , this minute presentation simplifies the skill such that anyone can learn the basic motions. You come away from Swish with a new understanding of how shooting can be easier than you ever thought. It de-mystifies the skill and inspires kids to want to practice.
Mark Stewart

Swish: A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting

The Swish Basketball Shooting Program is the finest shooting program available today. How do I know? Because I use it! Some of these programs and products work — while others are, well…junk! The problem I have with many of the basketball shooting programs and products on the market today is that more time is often spent on marketing and selling the products than was spent on actually planning and producing them. Even worse, many of these companies get famous athletes and coaches to strongly endorse these products as the best on the market. They put together a flashy video with these athletes and coaches and then market the heck out of it.

We use the "Swish Method" for teaching kids how to shoot a basketball. This method can be easily learned and applied at all ages. As the video above demonstrates, from Grade School to High School to Adult, the Swish Shooting Method will improve your shooting technique and increase your accuracy in shooting the basketball. A simple, efficient shot that minimizes variables, and reduces movement is key to repeatable success in getting the ball in the basket. There are many good shooting programs available.

Get Updates by Email or Subscribe to RSS. By Joe Haefner. When I was in 9th grade, I developed into a pretty good shooter. I think I made as many as 25 during one session.

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Up Force and Release

Few sounds are more satisfying in the game of basketball than the swish of a net when the ball drops clean through the hoop. You need a fluid shooting technique and a lot of practice to regularly hear that noise. The "swish method" for shooting a basketball is based on a training concept by basketball coach Tom Nordland. The program combines basketball shooting fundamentals and suggests several new techniques. Nordland developed the swish method in while working at Apple Computers. Nordland claims that basketball shot percentages have gone down in professional and amateur games in recent years.

James Naismith famously invented basketball in , but it was called basket ball for a reason—peach baskets served as the hoops. The nets were metal and usually closed at the end, so players had to fish out the ball after each basket. And it took a little longer for the term to appear in print. Sportswriting from the s is filled with colorful phrasing and a lot of flowery language, including swishing. But basketball eventually got its chance. So who got the first recorded swish?

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